Social Media Marketing – Don’t Think Short-Term, Go Long


“Ohh!! 300,000 fans on facebook. That’s awesome. So, who manages all the conversations that this generates?”, I was curious. 300,000 fans had to have been generating serious amounts of comments and conversations.

“No one. I do it myself. We don’t post too much. That might lead to people ‘unliking’ us.”

I was shocked.

Most businesses dream of a 30,000 fan-following. Here, they had 300,000 and they were scared of creating conversations. Clearly, the numbers had got into their heads leading to the short-term vision of losing out on ‘fans’ rather than engaging them to create deep levels of engagement.

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Focusing on the ‘Marketing’ part of SMM rather than the ‘Social’

Too many businesses have this flawed thinking of Social Media Marketing. A part of me dies every time I read a report that says “90% of the twitter updates from brands were about marketing one of their products and only 10% of it is genuine conversation.”

How about you reverse the percentages; start caring about what your customers are saying; and be genuine at that?

Whaa!! Where’s the ROI?

First of all, stop telling me that the number of ‘likes’ that you’ve on your facebook page indicates the ROI. I have seen too many brands (other than the one mentioned) with too many ‘likes’.

Even if I were to assume that those are genuine in the first place (because all of us know the I’ll-get-likes-for-your-page-business), that is not going to help unless the customers care about you. And, that can happen only when you care about them.

Generic Marketing

You have the whole history of tweets of someone who follows your brand on twitter. Go through it. Why not send them a DM that says something about their favorite IPL team and take it forward from there? One-on-One marketing. Yes, that’s the future.

Customer Service

Why is it the case that all we see Customer Service people doing on Social Media is dousing fires and doing damage-control?

When was the last time you decided to ‘WOW’ your customers, by going the extra mile?

How about a 30-second phone call just to thank them after they place an order? No. No. No. I can already hear some of you going in your head, “Oh! Great. Yeah, we can do some cross-selling.” NO. Just call them and say ‘thank you’. That’s it. They’ll be amazed. Trust me.

Stop Speaking, Start Listening

It takes less than 300 seconds for a complaint against you on social media to go viral. So, while you are talking about your latest product, someone, somewhere just got pissed about the way you handled their shipment.

Keep your ears open. See what is being said about you. Be proactive. And, be genuine.

Dear XYZ. We have taken your opinion into consideration. Hope you come back to us for our next purchase.” This just does not work anymore.

Call them up. Find out what happened. Go out of your way to correct the error. Give your customers a story to tell. Convert hiccups into marketing opportunities.

I do understand that there are many trolls out there, ruining your reputation just for the heck of it. That’s no excuse for you to sit back and let it happen.

Don’t give people a reason to out you.

[box type=”shadow” ]Remember: SMM is not a 100 meters sprint, it’s a marathon. So, don’t expect that you’ll take out your dusty running shoes from the closet tomorrow and complete the morning marathon. It’ll take time, practice and patience to build up the stamina.[/box]

Do you agree with my viewpoints? Please let me know in the comments.

Do you know stories where someone went the extra mile in terms of the customer service.

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    Great Post Dude. Nowdays Every One Doing SMM with Short Term Plan But Long Term Plan Only Good for Marketing.

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