Interesting Social Media Trends of 2013


The new year shall bring lot more happenings in the world of social media and otherwise. Scenarios will change, some for the better. However, what will be interesting is the transition of it all, from what has been to what it could be.

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5 Social Media Trends for 2013

Ecommerce to go more social

With the number of E-commerce sites proliferating day and night and none really offering any significant differentiation, a change therein is inevitable. One area where consumers are looking for a better experience is seamless integration. As per the present scheme of things, the process of buying though happens in an integrated manner, the pre-buying process which primarily involves decision making has not been accommodated in the former setup.

Consumers after considering buying a product need to go seeking opinions & recommendations of their friends & colleagues either online or offline, before they come back to buy it. This is a gap which seeks urgent attention and can be filled with the growing clout of social commerce. Introduction of websites like & Amazon Pages are likely to play an important role in helping E-commerce take that leap and pretty soon.

Visual Marketing will have more takers

A picture speaks a thousand words and a moving one at that, even more. The New Year & age shall belong to the visual form of marketing. Engaging video content that not just passes on the message of the brand but is also entertaining in itself is set to be in huge demand. With many such examples like Dumb Ways to Die, & Jo tera hai wo mera hai, that not just got views but went viral, social media commercials shall be the new trend.

Content Marketing will continue to be the deadly game

Content has been undoubtedly the king, more so in the world of social media. Thus far the challenge used to be creating content that is engaging enough, however, a recently concluded social media study indicates that number one challenge for 64% marketers in the bygone year was to generate enough content.

To overcome the same, brands will be seen pushing their budgets to a level higher, formulating sharp strategies, recycling already published content and looking for suitable platforms to market it all.

Marketers will have to make a choice

The social media marketing plans of companies have seen extension all this while. Any new platform that comes in gets an admission into the plan of communication. However, with the number of platforms on the rise & users getting choosy about which one to be active on, to portray a particular kind of an image, rather than being on all, marketers will have to make a choice too.

You just can’t be luring consumers on every platform & diluting your brand’s identity. Hence, equal importance to both the message & the platform will now be detrimental, more than ever before.

Social Media will see more industries and better spends

Many industries like General Insurance, banking & finance, that were nearly absent on the social media are likely to gradually step into the blue waters, with a few of them already taking a lead.

However, interesting it will be to check out the kind of content that they bring to the table and make engagement happen. Moreover, for brands that were already in the midst of a basic presence over social media will now aim for higher and better.

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