New Facebook Features: Photos in Comments & #Hashtags Make Conversations Lively


Last few days seems to have been quite hectic at Facebook quarters – Their users are noticing quite a few new features on their timelines and are excitedly talking about it. So, we decided to do a quick round-up of what Facebook has added newly to their uber-popular social media platform.

Photos in Comments

Comments on Facebook can no more be called plain and bland – Facebook has now added ability to add photos while commenting to your friends status update. And personally, I like this feature…. I am sure this update is going to make the comments not only more interactive, but also more engaging. Here is a look at it, incase you are not convinced about it!

Facebook Comment Photos1

And what happens to the photos that user uploads while commenting? They show up in your photos timeline.. So as a user you still have all your images on your own timeline.

Images in interactions is one of the major reasons why Twitter has been so successful – I think update from Facebook will be one of the most used in recent times! Give it a try and let us know how you feel.

Note: Please remember the new “Photo in comment” feature “DOES NOT SUPPORT GIF”. So you don’t have to worry about those irritating animations!

Facebook #Hashtags

We are moving towards hashtag-able conversations and updates. It has been used by many social apps including Twitter, Google+ and others.

Facebook was the only major platform that did not support, and few days back they announced support for Hashtags as well. With FB adding it, one can surely say that #hashtags have now gone mainstream.

The growth in popularity of hashtags is obvious – With just a single punch of “#” before any keyword, you can make the whole comment or conversation part of global discussion, which could be found very easily by anyone.

Hashtags are definitely going to be very useful for marketers and Information junkies, because in a single click, users can now see what discussions are going on a particular subject.

Hashtags fb

It is interesting how these new features are making our social conversations increasingly informative, lively and engaging…

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