Facebook Home: Initial Users Give Big Thumbs Down!


The much awaited Facebook Home finally made it to Google Play on April 12th. It is being rolled out in phased manner across various countries.

No, do not immediately leave this page and run to Google store to find the app – users in India will have to wait, as it has not started rolling out here. It will take atleast next couple of days (that’s my guess) for it to be seen in India.

And, by the end of the post, you may probably loose your interest in Facebook Home to a large extent.

Majority of users who have installed Facebook Home on their mobiles, do not seem to be too impressed with it. Infact, out of 3910 ratings that have been given to Facebook Home, over 1850 users have given it lowest available rating of 1 star.

Facebook Home Ratings

Here are some of the recent comments that users have given to Facebook Home App.

Jeremy Noah found it unimpressive on his Samsung Galaxy S3. He says:

No widgets, kinda clunky, and petty much just Facebook with access to your apps drawer. Meh, an unimpressive launcher compared to most others.

Victoria Wiley was frustrated due to its complexity. She says:

Not an intuitive app. Made my phone so frustratingly complicated to use that I uninstalled after just four or five hours. Unless major changes are made including an easy way to get to my home screen I will not reinstall.

Nathan Watroud is found Facebook Home quite annoying:

I tried it ,and to be honest, it just was too much. I would like it better if it was just the lock screen, but it gets annoying. Plus, it hid most of my other apps (namely google ones lol).

Lee Milstein does not like Facebook Home completely taking over his phone and complains about lack support for other widgets. He says

Cool way to use facebook, but with no support for my other widgets, it limits my phone. If I wanted a single company to take over my home screen appearance, I could use an iphone.

While most users have given a Thumbs down to Facebook Home, one commenter probably gives the most balanced review accompanies with 3 stars. He says

Not a fan of the other reviews who give this app a 1-Star. They are just trolling. But, it also doesn’t deserve 5-stars in it’s current iteration. However, change is always difficult. Remember, how everyone hated Timeline? This app looks pretty. Messenger by itself is cool with Chat Heads and looks better when combined with Home. However, we should have more freedom controlling what we want on the Lock screen because I want the phone dialer there. I hope that future versions will add support for widgets in the app launcher as there are a few I can’t live without. Going to live with it for the weekend and see how I like it. Otherwise, I’m very tempted to disable it until the next major update. Also, there appears to be a couple more gestures/features if one owns the HTC First. Missed Calls as part of notifications should be available for everyone as it is a phone first and foremost.


I went through about 50 to 60 comments and I can confidently say that Facebook Home will not be everybody’s cup of tea. Yes, the people who are Facebook Fanatics may end up liking it. But majority of others will not like Facebook completely taking over their phones.

When Facebook Home was announced many people called it threat to many Google Apps etc. But from what the initial users feedback is, that seems to be a non-event. That is not going to happen.

If you get access to Facebook Home on your Android phone, give it a try and let us know what is your feedback on it!

  1. Siddharth Vyas says
  2. Siddharth Vyas says

    It’s Hopeless app…a crap…

    1. Arun Prabhudesai says

      How did you get it? Did you install the APK from outside or from the Google store? Is it visible to you on the Google store?

      1. Siddharth Vyas says

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