Weekly Wrap-Up: Paypal Limit, FDI Norms, Moto X, Most Valuable Indian Brands & More…


Here is a quick wrap-up of some of the buzzing posts published on trak.in last week.

Trak.in weekly news wrap-up

Narendra Modi has another first to his name. A group of Gujarati businessmen will soon be launching Smart NAMO – A smartphone named after Narendra Modi for his fans!

Paypal has increased their money receiving limit for Indian users to USD 10000 per transaction. This is great news for Indian freelancers and SME who are depended on Paypal for their business!

Ministry of External Affairs has launched an Android and iOS app that has heaps of information on all kinds of Customer centric services. Give it a try!

Amazon Cloudfront and Route 53 services now have added India edge locations. The pricing for India location is also cheaper than Singapore, HK, Japan or Australia!

Vodafone is now offering Free twitter access via twitter’s mobile site and their official Android App to their subscribers. It’s raining mobile data goodies everywhere!

A 14 year old school girl from Kerala has come up with a Washing Machine that works without electricity and also doubles up as a Exercise machine [Video]

Microsoft India has consolidated all its offering under one umbrella called “Microsoft Ventures“. All their programs including Startup Accelerator, Seed Funding and BizSpark will come under it!

TRAI has released draft regulations which makes it easier for consumers to file a complaint with Appellate authority in case they are unhappy with complaint redressal by Telecom Operator.

It is a recent trend that Mobile Apps have started advertising on Indian Television. Apps like Wechat & Line seem to gained quite a bit of traction, thanks to their TV commercials!

We are in age of hi-tech mobile phones and have seem to have forgotten landline phones completely. Panasonic has not – They have launched an Android powered Landline Cordless phone.

E-Filing of Tax returns has got overwhelming response with 82 lakh returns e-filed till 29th July. At peak 85k returns were filed in a hour!

According to MAIT, Tablets are cannibalizing PC sales in India. While tablets grew 424%, PC sales registered only 5% growth. Netbooks are now a dying breed!

As was expected Flipkart has retained their upgraded affiliate commissions. They have not only retained but upgraded to 15% for one of the categories.

This Video is a must watch – Man of Steal – A satirical take on a how an entrepreneur pitches his “Chor Bazaar” business to Venture capitalists!

Everyone knows that Android has a fragmented Ecosystem, but just how much is it? Take a look – It will really surprise you!

Government plans to offer free mobile phones to female workers who have worked atleast 100 days in 2012 under MNREGA scheme…

Finally, Microsoft office has officially come to Android. Microsoft announced yesterday the office mobile App free for Office 365 users!

Government has announced further relaxation of FDI norms in Multi-Brand retail sector. 3 Contentious Norms have been amended to suit the multi-brand retailers.

The much awaited Moto X has been launched. While the specs on Moto X are decent, it is the software that really shines on this first real Google phone fully assembled in US!

TATA is by far the most valuable brand in India with a value of 10.9 Billion attached to it. Check out the Top 30 Most Valuable Brands in India.

In terms of overall userbase, US has 180 million users on Facebook as compared to 86 million in India. However, Indian teenagers far outnumber their counterparts in USA.

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