Vine, Popular Short Video Sharing Mobile App Arrives on Android


I have been waiting for Vine for quite some time to come on Android and finally it launched yesterday on Google Play Store. If you are not aware what Vine is, here is an overview.

Vine, is a popular mobile app that lets you create and share beautiful, short looping videos. It was available on iOS till now and now has come to Android.

Here check out the first small looping video that I created with Vine.

Videos created with Vine are light-weight and easy to share. They are as simple as sharing a picture from your mobile. The videos created with Vine are generally around 1-2mb in size and so sharing is fast and easy.

In less than 6 months from its launch, Vine has gone on to become one of the most popular video sharing app on mobiles.

Vine on Android

Vine on Google Play

We downloaded and tested the app and it worked quite well. Signing up and connecting with twitter account was a breeze. Shooting videos and sharing was quite simple too.

However, being the first version to be launched on Android, it does lack some important features that are available on iOS app – Namely, recording from front facing camera. Additionally, many users who downloaded Android app also reported bugs like out-of-sync Audio, the activity stream did not load for a few people.

On our Nexus 4 though, we found everything working quite well.

Why Vine is so successful

I’d suggest, give Vine a try yourself and you will know the reason for its success – Simplicity. Everything is quite simple. And due to the fact that most of the mobile users are quite familiar with Instagram-esque photo / video sharing apps. Vine follows exact same path, so for a new user it is already quite intuitive.

There is nothing really that a mobile user will go wrong with Vine. And that precisely is the reason for Vine’s success.

There are other similar apps like cinemagram etc., that have similar offerings on mobile, but Vine, in a very short span, has hit a sweet spot.

I would not be surprised if in next 12 months, they also start commanding few hundred million dollar valuation – They are surely moving towards that path!

Give it a try and let us know what you feel!

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