Sony Xperia Android update fiasco: Does it affect its PR?


It is no secret that Sony has not handled Xperia S Android updates well. While it was the flagship phone of the past and also part of the prestigious AOSP project (something Sony should be commended for as well), it is the last phone of its period to get the Jellybean love. Its younger siblings have gotten the update before it which has irked the customers who bought the high end phone (including myself).

But all that is in the past. It is almost end of May and Sony’s promise of the update coming by the end of May or starting of June is upon us. In fact, some days back Sony’s Mobile French team sent out a tweet that said that the update was rolling out in France.

I did not report this at all because I was following Sony’s update for some time now and was skeptical about it. My skepticism unfortunately came out true and the German hand of the company said that the update is not available yet.


While it is not a big deal as the update must be coming out, what my concern is that – Will this create a bad PR for Sony.

The thing is, that while this kind of thing (leaks) are great for a new launch, for something that is already frustrating the customers such kind of thing only creates a sense of despair. The basic problem is of creating false hope.

After it was decided that Xperia S was getting an update in June, people accepted it and while an earlier update would have meant a lot of happy customers (in perspective) this kind of thing creates a negative impact of a larger magnitude.

It might not be a big deal for most people as the phone itself is quite old now. I myself have shifted to Nexus 4 and many other people must have done the same i.e. moved on to the newer flagships.

Sony’s latest flagship Xperia Z is one of the strongest contenders for this as the phone brings something to the table no other high-end phone gives- Freedom from worrying about accidentally dropping your phone in liquid.

This shows that Sony’s is active in its development and bringing innovation to the market. All this along with Sony’s deep pocket advertisement means that there is only one thing in its way- Word of mouth publicity.

We all know it is the strongest kind of publicity as people may or may not buy something you recommend but they would never buy something that is recommended to them negatively. I have seen people not buying good phones because a friend of theirs had a faulty hand set.

I feel that maybe because of so many launches going on, the company doesn’t have enough workforce to get the thing done at a speedy process. This is in a way good that Sony has so much on its plate and is busy with good products like Xperia Z.

Such faux pas from the company however would do nothing to improve the gripe of people. What do you think? Am I being paranoid here and this would not affect the people or the company that hard.

Are Xperia Z sales getting affected by Sony’s past mistakes?


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