Samsung Galaxy WIN, A Quad-Core Smartphone at 17.9k and Still May Not be Worth it!


Couple of days back, Samsung announced launch of a quad-core budget smartphone at a price of Rs. 17,900/-.

Now, for that price a quad-core phone, that too from brand like Samsung may sound very enticing to many, as it seems comparable to Micromax A116 HD in terms of features as well as price. But, that may not be that enticing after all, and here is why!

Samsung Galaxy Win

Lets look at the specs and features first – The Samsung Galaxy Win has a 4.7 inch screen with a resolution of 800×480 pixels. It has 8GB of internal storage and comes with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. This dual sim phone also has a decent battery rating of 2000 mAh. The biggest USP of Galaxy Win is it’s quad core processor, but the question is – How good is this quad core processor? Lets find out.

Samsung Galaxy Win has a 1.2 GHz quad core processor which is a Qualcomm MSM8625Q Snapdragon 200 unit and it is based Cortex A5 architecture. Comparatively, the Canvas HD utilizes a 1.2 GHz quad core Mediatek MTK MT6589 processor which is based on Cortex A7 architecture.

Now Cortex A5 architecture is a relatively older architecture than the A7 and despite being a quad core processor, is nowhere near the A7 architecture when it comes to performance.

The processor of the Galaxy Win gets coupled with an Adreno 203 GPU which also is an old school GPU, whereas the Canvas HD gets a PowerVR SGX544 GPU which is way ahead a GPU in terms of performance.

Bottom line, you won’t be able to play the high end games you think you’ll be able to play on the so called quad core smartphone. These are the same internals as the Karbonn Titanium S1 and S5 which cost way less than the Galaxy Win.

Galaxy Win runs on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean and Samsung will optimizing the device pretty well for the usage of customers and will give it the Android 4.2 treatment as well for sure but the processor just does not live up to the quad core tag.

Having said that, it may be a great device for the first time smartphone users who are looking to upgrade from their feature phones. But then, I would still rate a Micromax Canvas A116 as a much better bet for them as well!

The Galaxy Win gets a 1GB RAM to help it multitask easily and the internal memory stands at 8GB which can be expanded by another 32GB. A 5MP camera present at the rear will be available for clicking pictures whereas a 0.3MP up front will facilitate your last minute vanity checks. The camera can shoot videos in 720p resolution but only at the rate of 15fps whereas almost every mid-range smartphone can do it at the rate of 30fps.

3G, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth will be present for connectivity. Samsung has brought an old wine in a new bottle for the first time users and is targeting first time users with its strong brand image in Indian market. With a price tag of Rs. 17,900/-, many rookie users may immediately jump  on it thinking of it as a bargain.

Though it sure is a smart move by Samsung to target that segment, users are advised to look at this smartphone with little more kno

  1. Sachin says

    Not surprised with this model being launch by Samsung. They know the pulse of the Indian market. Buyers alway want more for less price without actually knowing the actual facts. Price difference between Galaxy Grand and Canvas HD or for that matter even Karbonn Titanium S2 is almost 7k-8K and this was hurting Samsung and hence they have launched a cheaper phone. How many buyers are aware of Screen pixel resolution or Cortex A5 and Cortex A7 architecture, 2000 mAH battery, in fact I know a buyer who went to buy a canvas HD but the shopkeeper told that Micromax phone are made in china and he suggested Galaxy Grand,I am sure he did that because canvas was not in stock with him but had many galaxy grand with him which he said was selling like hot cakes and my friend ended up buying a Galaxy Grand, so it wont be surprising to see this phone too selling in good numbers despite there being better options in the market. I guess Samsung is in the same phase as Nokia was 5-6 years back when whatever they launched was a success in the Indian Market.

  2. Rohini says

    people are still buying Samsung phones because the competition has not yet come up with better phones. I personally condemn samsung for making identically same plastic phones but i do recommend people/friends to buy samsung only- the reason being, their phones are very optimized on the software front and have good battery backup. Lumia series is also catching up with the likes of android and iphones but i still leagues behind its android counterparts in terms of available apps.
    The competition might look very tight these days but the general public(not apple fanboys) is waiting for some great combo of design, software and price.
    Don’t worry Arun, if Samsung tries to tarnish its image any more then the day is not far when Samsung Mobiles will hit a rough patch just like Nokia did.

  3. nawa salman says

    Yes Samsung is taking advantage of their reputation. After the success of Galaxy over I-phone. Samsung has gone down in the quality department and they should now really start thinking about it before they loose their users.

  4. Rohini says

    Well, i’m sorry to say but Samsung is trying to deceive the customers by offering ugly smartphones with superannuated hardware. What were these devs at Samsung thinking? People are becoming more conscious about the hardware specs day by day. I agree that most of them only have superficial knowledge about the hardware but what about the internet??
    There are tons of websites out there which definitely hammer the Galaxy Win for its poor processor.
    This path of fooling consumers can only lead to people opting for non-samsung gadgets.

    This is some part of conversation which i had with a local dealer when i planned to buy Galaxy S duos.
    “sir, ye phone mat lo, bahut lag karta hai aur message open karne mein bhi 2 min lagata hai. Samsung service center waale bhi ise theek karne ko bahut time laga rahe hain.”

    God bless that dealer for saving my 14 grands.

    1. Arun Prabhudesai says

      Absolutely right… I think they have now started taking undue advantage of their good brand image. They are not going to beat competition from likes of Micromax by bringing such sub-par phones. Not only these budget phones, but also the high end phones like S4 are launched at prices over 41k, which is ridiculous, where the Chinese phones with same exact hardware specs or better cost half the price.
      While I am not praising Chinese phones, what I am trying to say is they are taking undue disadvantage of their brand image and people should understand that!

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