App Sync across device – Much needed now?


We are in a world of apps. I am not just talking about phones anymore. There are tablets that have a similar architecture. With the help of Bluestacks, one can run Android Apps on their PCs.

Smart TVs are coming into being that can run apps as well. There is one thing though that still needs to be fixed in my opinion and that is App sync.

App Sync

Many of you might have two android or two iOS devices. I have an Android phone and a tablet. It happens so often that I play a game on my mobile first as it has 3G and I can download the game instantly on it. I like the game immensely and decide to play it on the big screen instead.

The problem is that when I download the game on my tablet, I end up playing the same levels. Heck! Sometimes, I even have to complete the training again. That is just insane considering that almost all the settings of a phone can be synced and backed up.

Rovio has now launched Accounts to tackle this problem for their game ‘The Croods’. It will soon be present in all of their games. This is an excellent move from Rovio. As they mention in their blog, this was being asked by the fans. This step should instigate other app creators to create similar platforms for their games as well.

I see a major issue here – Handling of accounts. On an average if a person has 10 games in his mobile or tablet, this would mean at least 5-6 accounts, maybe more. To keep up with so many accounts will be difficult and cumbersome.

I think it is time Google comes into the equation and let all the apps along with their respective situations freeze (or sync) with the master account itself.

Of course, I am assuming here that a person keeps the same account for all his gadgets (which seems prudent considering that different accounts means buying the same app twice when only once is sufficient).

This way, not just does it becomes easier for a consumer to keep all his games (and other apps) in sync across devices, Google will also get more dependence from its consumers which will make the presence of the company even more strong.

What do you guys think? Do you feel the same way? Would you prefer individual account or a master account?

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