Is Micromax Canvas HD Still A Good Buy?


Micromax is managing to attract a lot of eyeballs these days with their amazing value for money smartphones. The whole Canvas series of Android smartphones from Micromax has been their most selling ones.

The Canvas series is their Phablets range of smartphones with screen sizes above 4.5 inches diagonally. The Micromax Canvas HD is their best product out there and it is competing with Samsung’s Galaxy Grand and other Phablets from Karbonn, Celkon and Lava.

The Micromax Canvas HD price in Indiawas about INR 14K at the time of launch but recently it is hovering around INR 16-17K on various online stores (let alone retail stores where its availability is as good as absent). Now we all are having second thoughts about it being as value for money as it was earlier after the price hike.

Let us have a look at its competition and evaluate whether the Micromax Canvas HD is still a good buy or not.


In Similar Price Range, Better Options From International Vendors Take The Cake

The Indian mobile ecosystem is evolving. Where last year saw the incredible rise of Micromax and Karbonn Mobiles, this year sees international vendors targeting a segment that these Indian manufacturers have consolidated.

As such, we are likely to see quality offerings from the likes of Samsung, HTC, LG and Sony. While Micromax’s wares have become better in terms of build quality and amount of features offered, they pale when seen against what the big boys can offer, when they set their mind to it.

We are already seeing mobiles like the LG Optimus L7 II Dual, which comes with a dual-core processor, Adreno 203 GPU, 768 MB of RAM and 8 MP AF camera that has a lot of tweaks that make taking images easier.

A little higher in the price segment to around 20K, and you get to the likes of the Lava Xolo X1000, which comes with an amazing 2GHz Intel Dual Core Processor, 1 GB of RAM and a 4.7 Inch HD 720p IPS LCD display that takes its pixel density to above 300 PPI, which is considered a Retina Display barrier. Its processing performance is much better than the processor used in the Canvas HD, and while the fact that it is not a dual SIM smartphone might deter some users, it is an altogether stellar offering and seeks to bring Intel’s prowess into the mobile world.

The reason for Micromax’s success was the fact that they were the only choice when considering sub-10K Android handsets that came with a semblance of authenticity. That, however, does not hold true any longer. The Canvas HD was previously available at a price which was not too far from the sweet spot of INR 10K, but after the price hike to INR 16-17K, there are better options available.

Android itself as an ecosystem has gone through a lot of changes in the last few years, and manufacturers like Lenovo are looking to take a chunk of the pie. With the Lenovo S880, the Chinese brand is looking to contend with Indian manufacturers by offering a dual SIM Android 4.0 smartphone with 1 GHz dual core processor, 5 inch WVGA (800 x 480 Pixels) resolution, 5 MP + VGA Camera and 2250 mAh battery.

While the features may not be on the same level as what Micromax is offering with the Canvas HD, the UI and subsequent enhancements done by Lenovo mean that the usability of the device as a whole is much better. The LG Optimus L9 would also be a very good choice due to its bright screen, decent hardware and large 2000 mAh battery.

If you are not keen on Android, there are alternatives too. You can also buy yourself an 8 GB Apple iPhone 4 at around INR 19K from EBay or other retailers. The upcoming Nokia Lumia 720, with a 4.3 Inch IPS LCD screen, 1 GHz Dual Core processor, Adreno 305 GPU, 512 MB RAM and 2000 mAh battery is an excellent mobile, and is going to be strong contender to the Android mobiles in this category.

Decent Options Available At Lower Prices

At nearly or lower than the price at which the Canvas HD was first introduced, very decent options of smartphone devices are available from both international and local brands.

The Nokia Lumia 520 and Lumia 620 are both excellent options if you want to try out the Windows Phone 8 ecosystem. The Celkon Signature HD A119 is a really good device with 5 inch IPS LCD display with HD resolution, 1 GHz Dual-Core processor, 1 GB of RAM and 4 GB of internal storage. The Lava Xolo A1000 is similar to Canvas 2 in hardware specifications except that it has an HD screen.

On the whole, I wouldn’t advice anyone to buy the Micromax Canvas HD at a price of INR 16K, even though it has a quad-core processor, as there are inherent flaws in UI design that deter the usability of the mobile, and Micromax’s reluctance to roll out Android updates mean that users will be left in the lurch. There are better options out there, both at the same price and at a lower price from other Indian brands as well as international.

  1. Lakshay says

    I’m surprised the Xolo Play T1000 doesn’t make it to the list. With the specs it has, it should easily top this and many other lists. NVIDIA Tegra 3 quad core processor with a 5th battery-saving core, plus a 12-core NVIDIA GeForce GPU for killer performance during gaming.

    Gamers and non-gamers alike will be blown by this phone, oh yes.

  2. Sudeep Ghosh says

    hey,it’s a nice phone but in low price many feature did not shoot me…
    I am sure that it has some problems…
    so don”t buy it.
    go for other options…

  3. Sachin says

    I would like to add my observations related to this article…in the last para it has been mentioned that “On the whole, I wouldn’t advice anyone to buy the Micromax Canvas HD at a price of INR 16K, even though it has a quad-core processor, as there are inherent flaws in UI design that deter the usability of the mobile, and Micromax’s reluctance to roll out Android updates mean that users will be left in the lurch. There are better options out there, both at the same price and at a lower price from other Indian brands as well as international.”

    What are the flaws in UI design of Canvas compared to Celkon or LG or Lava which the writer is recommending over Micromax?

    Micromax’s reluctance to roll out Android Updates….this is something which is applicable to almost all the handset manufacturer…i personally have used google nexus S and believe me, updates came after 6 months of android version being rolled out on a google device so you can imagine what would be happening to other brands. Neither Sony, HTC or Samsung are aggressive in rolling out updates except for their flagship phones which you cannot compare with Micromax HD price.

    Lava uses Intel is yet to make an impact in the mobile segment where you have qualcomm as the leader, more details are required about intels performance over the segment leader before being recommended just because it is 2-3k cheaper than micromax phones.

    My comments above are purely related to Android devices. Some of the Windows phones and iphones may certainly be a good buy over micromax but when looked at only Android, Canvas series certainly is a best buy even if the price is around 15-16K.


  4. Dhakkanz says

    Micromax has not just been able to bring good devices to market at lower prices lately, but has also been able to take advantage of being a first-mover in low-price handsets market

  5. Robinsh says

    What I think other companies like Samsung and Sony is also cutting their price tag and coming with the new one that would really cut the customers and they would prefer to buy from them not from the Micromax even though it’s feature loaded customer always want some big brand name and durable gadgets.

    Other thing that Karbon Titanium S5 is also with with similar features and selling around 12K.

  6. Mathew Joy Maniyamkott says

    Hey nice post. But I would like to add that almost all the online portals are selling at a ridiculously overpriced rate. I bought this beauty 2 days back and trust me it is worth the money. You get it for 14.5 k at Poorvika and Univercell. I am not sure if these stores have its presence way up north.

    1. Arun Prabhudesai says

      @mathew – Every Micromax HD user I have spoken to has told me the same thing – that they are very happy with the purchase… and I am not talking about new users, I am talking about people who have used it for over a month now. I have personally handled and used the phone…and apart from the plastic back (which looks kind of cheap to me), I really like everything about the phone. I also carried out benchmark tests and the results are up there with high-end phone. Without doubt the phone is good… I think the point Ashwin is trying to make here is about the Brand… by spending 1–3k more, now you have lot of options of similar speced phones from bigger brands….

      1. Mathew Joy Maniyamkott says

        oh my bad! what was I thinking?!! :) Apologies

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