iPhone 4 Sales Triple in India; Apple’s Marketing Gamble Pays Off


Apple never hesitates from experimenting and maybe this is the reason that they are world’s second most valuable brand, after Exxon.

For the first time in its history, Apple announced a unique marketing initiative especially for Indian customers, wherein they are offering buyback scheme. Under this program, new customers for iPhone 4 can get an instant discount upto Rs 7,000 on exchange of their old mobiles. In case the value of the old mobile is higher in the secondary market, then the discount would also be increased via other means such as accessories and gift vouchers.

iPhone Scheme

This new marketing gamble has eventually paid off, as the sales of iPhone 4 has tripled after this campaign was rolled out.

As per reports by TOI, during the last few days, the demand of iPhone 4 has surpassed that of iPhone 5 as customers are rushing to exchange their old mobiles for the swanking new iPhone 4.

This development is really surprising, considering that India was never a major market for direct sales of Apple devices. In fact, they launched iPads in India after 10 months of its launch in the USA!

It is being speculated that Apple management has decided to push the sales of iPhone 4 in India as they want to market it as the best alternative in the sub-20,000 INR market, which is being fought by the likes of Samsung with their Galaxy series, Sony with Xperia series, Nokia with Lumia and Blackberry as well.

Without this buyback scheme, Apple iPhone 4 costs Rs 26,500 (approximately) and after the maximum discount of Rs 7,000, it comes under the sub-20,000 INR range. As per previous studies, a first time user of smartphone in India usually enters via Rs 12,000-Rs 20,000 range and exactly this is where Apple wants to score high as of now. This means, that this is a very well thought out and researched marketing campaign

Based on inputs from India’s four largest mobile phone retailers: The Mobile Store, eZone (Future Group), Next Retail and Reliance Digital, it has been found that the sales of iPhone 4 is now on-par with other smartphones bestsellers such as Samsung Galaxy Grand and Note II.

Just for information, Apple shipped around 2.5 Lakh iPhones during the last quarter of 2012.

Consumers are the ones who are benefitting with these marketing battles.

[box type=”shadow” align=”aligncenter” class=”shadow” width=”600″ ]Following Apple’s footsteps, Samsung is also about to launch their own buyback scheme for their smartphones. And the best part: A Samsung Galaxy Ace customer can trade his smartphone for Rs 7,000 from Apple whereas the original cost is around 5,800! This means that he is getting more that he spent for the original phone.[/box]

And reportedly, this offer covers smartphones from all leading manufacturers, including Karbonn, Lava and Micromax.

Do you think Apple would be able to beat Samsung with this new momentum of triple sales?

Is this an example of good marketing? Please share your views!

  1. S Ray says

    Whats the big deal about it? Apple is just clearing off its inventory of old abandoned iPhone 4 in India. I would like to Apple to see treat India at par with other markets like US and UK.

  2. Uday says

    Nowadays technology is fast changing. Many mobile phones are outdated now. Soon, iphone4 will be outdated so, Apple wants to sell maximum units of their new product. They will come up with new one soon to outdate iphone4.

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