Updated:Cleartrip Cancels Train Tickets Bookings on Android App


Updated, 10th July 1:30pm: On Friday Cleartrip had launched Train Ticket bookings on their Android app, but as we had mentioned in the article below, the app did not work as expected. Infact, when we had tried it did not work at all. Just kept giving errors.

The app also started getting negative reviews. So, Cleartrip had taken the decision to remove the train ticket booking feature completely from their app. The updated app that was released today does not have the feature at all.

Here is the update from Cleartrip:



Cleartrip, India’s popular Online Travel Agency has added train ticket bookings in the latest update to their Android App.

According to an announcement made on Cleartrip’s blog, it is the first truly native app to offer train bookings on Android devices. While there are other apps who do offer train ticket bookings on mobile, they are usually based on HTML 5 technology, which are generally quite slower than native apps. On the other hand, native apps are fast and offer fast android app experience.

Cleartrip Android App Train tickets

With the new Cleartrip App, users can search and check availability of train tickets based on usual parameters like date of travel and the class passenger wants to travel.

However, before user starts booking train tickets on Cleartrip App, travelers have to to do a mandatory one-time sync between Cleartrip and IRCTC accounts. Only after syncing the accounts successfully will a user be able to book tickets on the app.

Once you have synced the cleartrip account, the android app will also sync all the details like passenger names, your previous trips, you credit / debit card details which are on the file with Cleartrip. These details can then be used to carry out your train ticket bookings with ease.

Cleartrip Android app also has feature where travelers can check the PNR status of their waitlisted tickets.

Our Review

We tried using the latest version of Cleartrip app and unfortunately we could not go further. I tried using the app at least 5 times before giving up trying. I was able to sync my cleartrip account, however, the app just did not go any further.

When I gave the “to” and “from” details for my journey, the app just kept throwing following error at me.


While this may be a one-time error, and some work may be going at the back end, other users also seemed to have faced similar problems. Here are some of the recent comments that users have given on play store.

Playstore comments

While it is great to see Cleartrip offering a native Android experience for train ticket booking on its app, they surely need to iron out these problems that users are facing.

Give Cleartrip’s new Android app a try and let us know if you are able to successfully book tickets on it!

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