Blackberry Q10 at Rs.44990, How Ridiculous?


Blackberry Q10 has been launched in India. As you may have guessed, this top-end phone from Blackberry is geared towards power users and busy executives. The Q10 obviously was not expected to be a cheap phone. However, when I saw the price tag they put on it, I could not believe it.

The Blackberry Q10 comes to you for Rs. 44,990/-. For me, I do not have a better word to describe the pricing than to say “How Ridiculous…”.

Now, I may not be an expert on phone prices and costing – But from a normal user perspective, that price is absolutely absurd.

In today’s age, when the prices of smartphones are coming down, Blackberry is taking the other route. Few months back they launched Z10 for around Rs. 43,000 and now Q10 for nearly Rs. 45000.

I just do not understand why Blackberry is launching such expensive phones? Their market share is steadily going down and it looks like they want to accelerate that fall by launching phones probably  a very few people will even look at.

But hold one, lets first look at what Blackberry Q10 has on offer, may the hardware or software has something extraordinary due to which it is priced so.

Blackberry Q10


The Blackberry Q10 is a full QWERTY phone as it is geared towards people who need to send lot of emails and who type a lot. Though I am in the camp who think soft keyboards with larger screens are better, I am aware that there are people who cannot live without a physical QWERTY keyboard. So that is acceptable.

Q10 carries a relatively small 3.1 inch 720 X 720 screen that is super AMOLED and has 16M colors. The hardware on Q10 is decent. It has a OMAP 4470 Dual Core 1.5 GHz Cortex processor with good 2GB of RAM with a storage capacity of 16GB. It has a 8mp rear and 2mp front camera.

One of the biggest issue with Blackberry has been its battery, and Q10 does have a decent 2100 mAH battery. Rest of the features are also pretty standard which you will find in a mid-size smartphone.

The only standout feature I could say about Q10 is it supports 4G LTE network. But here in India, we are still a long way before 4G will be commonly available.

Now, if you look at all these features (except 4G) of Q10, purely from hardware perspective, I think most under-20k smartphones available today will be able to match it.

So it has to be the software on Blackberry Q10 that has to be extra-ordinary. Phone carries the latest BlackBerry 10 OS, which I think is pretty standard and nothing out of the world.

Finally, looks like it is the brand “Blackberry” that company thinks justifies Rs. 45k pricing.

Good luck with that!

  1. santu says

    baby amit :) ……….. by heading up to ur comnt reading,i came 2 knw,u hv no more min knwldge about brand mobiles and their perspective 0S… keep in mind,unles there’s no such huge smothness…no1 make their product so expnsive..even though they wer willing and being seeing seeing their products sale couldn’t hit wel in d markets…really a word nearer 2 awesmeeeee wn cums 2 BB10 OS… its UI is prty smrt,only thng is wn ppl scrifice :P :) their sreen dimension and eye luks upon disply dimensions…its prty gd1…hvng qwerty k/b in d sense…d bst k/b ever hd among smrt phones…it hs its own smplicity and gudness..regardless of virtual k/b….. i cn bet wn u got use BB-q10/BB-z10…its get bit slwer in touchng n hiting 2 knw its delicate sweetish usage..which cn set u soon witin 1 week.iphone5 sucks….gv a try 2 usage of BB10 devices..nt 2 d luks of price tags…baby AMIT..iphone7 gona rock soon wd its squash OS…its a wrld of chngng thougts frm day 2 day..BB also gng 2 lnch anothr species..that may suck d BB q10 devices…who knws wt gona hpn…so stp stckng 2 prvios using mobiles about mor than 5yrs..go n get a device,den talk about its unless describing demirits by jst seeing PRICE TAGS….w wnt ulmitly a grt device….its js my view..evn thoug m nt a gr8 user of mobiles,bt i find prty gd wn cmprd 2 iphone5…android…its a toy copied frm iphone…iphone>>>>
    (copy)=android (paste ) :) ) :)

  2. Vineet says

    This is suicide…. what I can say….. R.I.P. Blackberry in advance…..
    Well…. Amit ji…. I’ve used iphone and using android….. I think android is not that bad…..

  3. Abuzar Khan says

    @AMIT KUMAR – Everyone knows that blackberry sucks… And I think they are still far behind in terms of OS and hardware too (Windows Phone, Iphone 7 Android).

    Giving a price tag of 45000Rs doesn’t really makes sense… I think blackberry is over confident after getting GUY KAWASAKI (former Apple Inc. Chief evangelist) in their team.

    Arun I really agree with you that its simply hilarious, price tag of 45000rs in competitive market?? That’s insane…

  4. Rohan says

    44k for this phone? I wouldn’t buy this even in my wildest of dreams. However, I’ve just found that it is selling at for 39k. This might be a good news for Amit (the self proclaimed Android hater), go ahead burn your pockets. We’ll all have one more reason to laugh.

  5. Amit Kumar says

    Hi all & Arun

    To the one whose budget is 10k, will find a phone worth 20k really expensive.. and to some its a price unjustified. For some, a phone worth 20k is not a big deal.

    I am waiting for Q10 to happen to me.. I sincerely believe its going to be an awesome one, and I can afford it too.

    I have been using Android for over 3 years now, along with an iPhone from last year. My opinion; Android is no better than SHIT (Anyone who is using android for more than 2 years would know its performance; good luck to the new android users – you will not listed to me anyways. So called Fans!!! :P)

    iPhone is a good OS which only concentrates on what can be restricted than what can be offered. Its a good to have and will not disappoint you much, if you can compromise with the OS culture.

    BB hasn’t played the business game well till now. They fail to sell. To me, each BB product is programmable and can be made to suit you. Even today, its as robust as when they started offering emails. Not many buyers of this phone, or the statement I just made :) but ask a phone geek.

    As far as price concerned – either sell 100 phones at 50 Rs or sell 10 Phones at 500 Rs – both are a strategy and nothing right or wrong with them.. :)

    So Mr. “How Ridiculous”, which phone do you own. Android? :P :P

    iOS development team

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