Will AndroidGuruz change the way we perceive Chinese smartphones?


We Indians perceive Chinese phones as something below our standard but we’ll gladly go in for a smartphone from an Indian vendor like Micromax and Karbonn.

But Chinese are all set to change that as the inherent flaws that the Chinese phones have had of warranty and reparability are going to be taken care of in near future when Androidguruz, a consortium of about 50 Chinese smartphone brands set up shop in India.

What is AndroidGuruz?

AndroidGuruz is a retail smartphone chain that has been floated by Zopo Mobiles and the brand will set up 200 retail shops in India soon and they will be responsible for the warranty and servicing of the Chinese smartphones in India.


Why it would change the game?

Indian smartphone vendors such as Micromax, Karbonn and Lava get their smartphones made from China and these are then imported into India. These are nothing but rebranded Chinese handsets and these can be found in different markets under different names.

[box type=”shadow” ]For instance, the most popular smartphone from an Indian manufacturer today is the Micromax Canvas A116 HD which is made by a Chinese company, Beidou Chi and it can be bought in Pakistan under the name of Qmobile A16 HD.[/box]

So companies which manufacture smartphones for Indian companies have tied up and will be entering the Indian markets with their products on their own. Why I think these would make for better devices is because the middlemen, in this case the Indian manufacturers would be eliminated from the scenario and we could have the smartphones directly from the manufacturers, thus resulting in money saving.

Servicing Issues

Chinese manufacturers have a servicing issue but AndroidGuruz would take care of that issue. They’ll offer a 3 month replacement warranty for each handset and the standard one year warranty. The company will take care of the servicing issues as well through these centres.

What you should look forward to?

Companies such as Umi, Zopo, Jiayu and Gionee have already made their way into Indian markets but due to the lack of service centres have not been able to get a strong footing despite having some real great products in their portfolio.

So what AndroidGuruz will do is that it will take those great products to the masses and since the service centres would be in place, the after sales issues would be taken care of.

The Only Hiccup

The only reason why I think this great venture might fail is the perception of the Indians. For instance, Fiat’s 1.3 litre Multijet engine is the reason cars such as Swift, Dzire, Manza and the likes are famous but the company’s own offering, Punto has literally bombed at the sales charts.

As Indians, we trust Micromax more than Zopo or UMI and that is the reason why the Indian manufacturers will continue to have a dominance despite the fact that Chinese smartphones will offer similar products at a lower price point.


I’ll say go in for the Chinese smartphones as they are relatively new in the market so they’ll ensure you get the best service to build a loyal customer base as happy customers account for free advertisement. The middlemen will be eliminated and you’ll get a product that is absolutely value for money.

  1. R.V.RAJU says

    this AND’GURUZ is just another lie n drama to get more bookings or pre-orders. How can 50 brands support each other at 1 common place when they fight for sales war outside?
    only GIONEE opened service centers.
    customer fan meet is a new drama.
    BAN them all until u see a s.center in ur city.
    how soon u ban them the sooner they open s.center coz we are the alternative market with low competition.
    so spread the word

  2. Mathew Joy Maniyamkott says

    Indian smartphone vendors such as Micromax, Karbonn and Lava get their smartphones made from China and these are then imported into India?? Really?

    1. Arun Prabhudesai says

      @mathew it is common knowledge, ins’t it. They are purely rebranded phones… Did you think they were manufactured in India… At most they are assembled, nothing more than that happens in India!

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