Rovio Announces App Sync For Angry Birds Across Android/iOS Devices!


Rovio is arguably one of the biggest names in gaming industry right now; that too, without going through the customary channel. In mobile arena, it might be the biggest name.

Everyone who owns a smartphone has heard about Angry Birds. And while, its other games such as Amazing Alex and Bad Piggies might not have achieved the same level of success as Angry Birds, in all the buffet that Rovio offers is an amazing one.

Now, Rovio has brought app-syncing worldwide.

Rovio account

Rovio has basically launched an accounts feature in which you once register (on their website) you can play the game on any device and it will save your progress across all devices. Anyone who has more than one device knows the pain of playing the same levels again and again.

Similarly, people who change their phones regularly or are in a habit of formatting their phones in a routine will find this a great feature.

As said in their blog post- “We know that you’ve all been waiting for a way to sync progress between devices and we really feel that we have an amazing solution in place now. Today we’re thrilled to announce that Rovio Account is now globally available on iOS and Android devices!”

They also mentioned that this feature is present in the original Angry Birds and The Croods for now but will soon be available for all their games. It is good to see one of the bigger app developers taking such an initiative and creating this ease for users.

Being the biggest also brings the opportunity to change the direction of the system itself. Hopefully this step from Rovio will bring about a systemic change in other areas as well.

Syncing is one of the most valuable features of the smartphone. I have sang accolades for Amazon Whispersync before and that is the biggest advantage that note taking app Evernote has over every other app in the market. Unless, Google brings a way to sync all apps directly, Rovio has taken one step ahead of other game developers.

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