Mobile Data Tariff Wars: RCom Slashes 3G Rates To Match Their 2G Rates!


For most part of 2012 and even in first half of 2013, mobile tariffs have not seen too much of fluctuations, infact if anything the voice call rates were increased by telecom operators.

While the voice tariffs are still low and not seeing much change, the 3G rates have started to tumble down.

RCom has now joined other operators like Airtel, Idea and Vodafone when it come to reducing their 3G rates.

Reliance Communication have now reduced their 3G rates by as much as half, making their 3G plans cheaper than the 2G rates.

According to the new price list, the entry 3G data plan of 1GB now costs Rs. 123 as compared to Rs. 125 for 1GB of data at 2G speeds. The other 2 plans that Reliance has announced are: Rs. 246 for 2GB and Rs. 492 for 4GB of 3G data.

The new 3G rates are applicable for both pre-paid as well as post paid customers. It is interesting to note that RCom will be planning to migrate all their 2G customers to 3G now that the pricing for both is quite similar to each other.

However, RCom has also said that even though they will migrate to 3G, 2G services will still be active as lot of subscribers in India still use handsets that so not support 3G services.

In a bid to attract new customers in their fold, they have also launched an offer where any subscriber who comes to their network through MNP route, will get a benefit of 1GB of 3G data for 2 months completely free of cost.

Gear up for biggest news of year

These rates are currently not updated on their company website, however, they have promotional banner (see above) with a ticker that says “Gear up for the Biggest News of the Year”. In all probability, this banner is for announcing the new 3G rates being introduced by Reliance.

Reliance had recently stated that they have highest number of data using subscribers among all telecom operators in India. One of the reasons for that is they have been aggressively pushing their data services by having third party tie-ups with various messaging providers. Their “Unlimited Whatsapp messaging” plan, “Unlimited Facebook” plan and ‘Reliance Twitter Access” plan seem to be quite popular with their subscribers.

Reduction of 3G rates by telecom operators in India is bringing down barrier of entry for new users. With low cost 3G available, more people are subscribing to data plans and are starting to use various services on the internet.

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