Rando, A Fun Photo Exchange Mobile App That Swaps Social With Serendipity


I generally shy away from app reviews. The main reason for this is that I strongly believe that most of the good apps automatically get good reviews and Google Play with its search capabilities does a good enough job of getting these apps to you.

But sometimes an app comes along that you cannot find because you won’t be searching for it. Our searches sometimes correspond to our taste and most of the times our needs. If you need an Office app you will just type Office in Google Play and you will get a plethora of option. You are bored and want to play games; they have a complete section for that. Similar is the case with Apple’s Appstore. Finding something you need is simple.

Another thing that has gained traction is social. Everything needs to be social now. Note-taking apps strive to become social and so do games. I have nothing against this but this app takes a completely new approach to social.

Or rather, completely takes it out of the picture.

Rando is an experimental app that does only two things- Send a Rando and get a Rando.

Rando App

A Rando is nothing but a photograph of anything you take. Fire up the app and take a picture. Then you have the option to send it. You can’t select where it will go and unless you send a Rando, you won’t get one.

The idea is that sharing a Rando is like giving a gift. You will just pass it on and it would land somewhere. While you can know the location there is nothing more than that to do. No likes, share, tweet to do.

You send a Rando, you get one.

While this may sound weird to some, the fact is that it is actually very weird. The idea is so absurd in our current society where a person shouts out loud that he is going to eat a Burger or is sitting on a bus that the idea seems ridiculous. Interestingly, in practice it brings something on the table that we severely lack sometimes – Serendipity.

I would like to cite the first Rando I sent here-


It is nothing but a simple picture of my fan. In return for this, I got this-


I found the picture simple and moving and I don’t think I would come across anything like this in my whole life on my Facebook page (unless I shift to Korea) or via any other social medium.

Since then I have send out many Rando’s and received them as well. It is turning into a collection of pictures that are completely unrelated and still bring the glimpse of what is happening in the world.

In addition to this there is always that subliminal excitement in an individual of what Rando you may get and to get that pleasant surprise, you also send Randos.

The app is not without flaws. There is no option to send a Rando from an already clicked picture. I would love to see that. Also, a Rando is circular as you can see which means you cannot use this as a regular picture. More than once I was in two minds whether to take a click from my camera app or by Rando.

Also, it seems a little slow at times (Not laggy, just slow). If they can fix these things, this would be a perfect experience to an already amazing idea.

Rando is available on Google Play Store as well as on iOS

Go ahead, have fun Rando-ing!

  1. Kunal Prakash says

    Hey Saurabh,

    Glad you liked the app. I was impressed by the concept as well and hence shared it.

  2. saurabh jain says

    I love this app. Have been using this [ast few days.

    Thanks trak.in for suggesting it .
    Simple application yet beautifully thought off !

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