Microsoft Office Mobile Now Available On Android!


Android has been blessed with some great Office apps. While I will be honest in saying that I rarely use them for my work, I can see the advantages that they bring to the phone. Indeed, like everything from a perfect snap or a perfect thought or a perfect free moment, a perfect idea too comes when you cannot hold anything bigger than a phone in your hand. And no wonder that the phone has all these capabilities in it and improving them with iteration.

Thus, it was inevitable that Office apps find their way in the App stores of all OS-ecosystems. Until sometime back though, the big daddy of all Office software Microsoft Office was blissfully ignorant of the rise of the apps.

In fact, it felt as if the team that was working on Microsoft Office didn’t even know that there was an in house team working on Mobile softwares. This however changed last November in 2012 when Microsoft launched Office for Mobile and it came preinstalled in Windows Phone 8 devices. This however was no big feat as the OS itself is growing slowly.

In June this year, Office reached iOS and finally Microsoft has launched its Office Mobile for Android Phones. This is great news for all the Office app lovers who prefer Android phones over other.

Office 365 Android-002

And considering the market share of the OS, I feel that finally, Microsoft has listened to its groaning users. Although, in all fairness, it seems that Microsoft is listening a lot of its users if the fiasco of XBOX One is anything to go by.

There of course are certain… ahem… conditions floating around.

  • US-Only
  • Person should have Office 365 subscribed
  • No Tablet version

For all of you making a bad face looking at this; I would say only this. The first one is temporary as Microsoft will launch it for all the countries soon. Second is expected as Microsoft Office Mobile is supposedly a companion to Office 365 and the app itself is free for Office 365 subscribers.

Although I know there will be a lot of grumpiness around when I tell that this need of Office 365 subscription suddenly vanishes when the phone in your hand is running Windows Phone 8 which has it pre-installed and pre-activated. Still, we cannot blame Microsoft for trying to distinguish its Mobile OS by such things.

The third is simply Microsoft’s attempt to boost its Web app as said in a statement on their blog:

“If you have an Android tablet, we recommend using the Office Web Apps which provide the best Office experience on a tablet.”

Android office

Now coming to the app itself. After installing and launching the app user will be greeted with the sign in option where you can sign in with you existing Office 365 account. The app is synced with your Office 365 so its latest document feature will show you the last documents you worked on either in mobile or in laptop.

What we get in the app package is as follows:

  1. Word
  2. Excel
  3. PowerPoint

As it has not been released for Indian users as yet, obviously I was not able to test it on my phone.

I will discuss them in greater detail once they are launched in India and I have used them for some time. From the looks though, they look like they might have some way to go before fighting out the veterans of Mobile Office apps.

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