Microsoft Beats Blackberry To Become 3rd Largest Smartphone OS: Gartner


This day was expected to arrive sooner rather than later. Smartphones sales worldwide have surpassed the number of feature phones sold in second quarter of 2013 according to Gartner’s latest report. Smartphones accounted for 51.8 percent of total 435 million mobile phone units.

Worldwide overall, mobile phone sales grew by a moderate 3.6 percent in Q2 2013. With toal of 225 million units sold, Smartphone sales showed an increase of 46.5 percent compared to Q2 of 2012, at the same time feature phones sold 210 million, showing a decrease of 21 percent year over year.

Asia-Pacific region lead smartphone sales with a growth of 74.1 percent followed by Latin America (55.7 percent) and Eastern Europe (31.6 percent).

As previously pointed out in Canalys as well as IDC report, Samsung maintained its top position by a fair margin selling 73.4 million smartphone units in Q2 2013 compared to 31.9 million of Apple. According to Gartner, LG was the the third largest smartphone seller with 11.5 million units followed by Lenovo at 10.7 million.

Smartphone Sales by OS

Interestingly, Microsoft (7.4 million units) for the first time has surpassed Blackberry (6.2 million) to take 3rd position in Smartphone OS market share

Smartphone OS market Share

On the other hand, Android has gone from strength to strength and further consolidated its top position and now accounting for 79 percent of market share. It is amazing that in such a short time, Android has gained such huge market share. Over 177 million Android smartphones were sold in second quarter of 2013.

Mobile Phone Sales by Vendor

As far as overall mobile sales go (smartphones+ featured phones), Samsung is the top mobile vendor with 107.5 million units sold. They have increased their market share from 21.5 percent last year to 24.7 this year.

Nokia’s comes in second with 60.9 million unit sales – however, there market share has dipped by nearly 6 percent from 19.9 percent in 2Q 2012 to 14.0 percent in 2Q 2013.

According to Gartner, Apple sales grew slightly growing by 0.4 percent. They now have 7.3 percent of over mobile market share.

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  1. Siddharth Vyas says

    Using BB10 device is Uselessssss…I dnt knw why it is categorized in SmartPhone…

  2. Paul Gibson says

    given the fact that windows had an earlier kick-start (plus the backing of Microsoft) it had an advantage. Personally I have seen potential in BB10. I have found it much more intriguing than windows.

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