Microsoft bringing Age of Empires to Android, iOS


It is a great day for gamers to rejoice. The mighty game – Age of Empires – that has enthralled a whole breed of college students is now coming to the mobile platform.

It should be noted that it is not Microsoft itself who will do the porting of the game . KLab, a Japanese company will be responsible for the entire transition and Microsoft has just licensed the game to them.

This mobile version of the game would be available by end of March, 2014 according to KLab. The shares of KLabs have seen a considerable jump since the announcement.


This is great news for the fans of the fabled franchise. And while the contract is for the current game only, its success might spur other popular console games to join the trend.

What I am really interested is to see how the company incorporates multiplayer gaming in the mobile version, which is the heart and soul of Age of Empire’s success.

Also, it would be interesting to see the utilization of touch especially in a crowded battle (mouse does it remarkably well for obvious reasons)

As of now, there is no announcement of any game from the XBOX repository to come to Android and while we can always hope, the chances of this happening anytime soon are less. On the other hand, analysts believe that this might push other companies like Nintendo and Sony to adopt the mobile platforms as well.

Sony already has some games for its PS certified phones while Nintendo has, as of now, resisted the temptation despite the fact that its games are almost tailor made for such a platform (simple, addictive and fun).

It is of note that the game will be initially launched for Android and iOS and only later for Windows Phone. This shows that Microsoft knows its position in the mobile space and knows how important the big two (Android and iOS) are.

Mobile platforms are growing at a break neck speed and their impact on gaming is getting visible day by day. For example, Ouya (an Android console I have before talked about) was launched and sold out in no time on Amazon. Nvidia are launching their own Android console.

These consoles are cheaper than the regular consoles and have games cheaper than the console counterparts as well. With the coming of big league games like Age of Empires to these platforms the value for money of such console will only go higher.

What do you think- Is it a wise move by Microsoft?

Are you one of the Age of Empire fans as well and looking forward to the mobile version or you think that bringing AOE on mobile will rob all its glory?

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