Google Play Updated: Cards Come To The Play Store


Google has updated its Play Store on the web. Anyone who might have opened it today would have noticed the new redesigned Play Store welcoming them.

We have changed things

The new Play Store was first shown in Google I/O and is already present in the Android devices.

As can be seen from the interface, the focus is on simplicity over flashiness. The icons have increased in size and the screenshots are now enlarged. This is a good thing as now a user can easily see what the game or app is about.

In fact, the representation almost can give you the idea how it would feel on your phone. Clicking on the image of course will give you the exact image but now it is not a necessity anymore.

Also, for an app now the tabbed view is gone. All the details like reviews etc. are present in the same page now. Neatly divided into sections, clicking on any section increases its size and you can get more reviews and larger pictures without the need of leaving the rest of the content. Just scroll down and it would be visible. This is great in terms of viewing.

google play

I could not find the option to choose the handset specific reviews though. Unless they have integrated it so that the reviews are just for your handset (which I doubt), it was a good feature to have gone amiss. Especially for medium to low range handsets where app issues often arise.

The options of similar apps and more apps from the developer have also been shifted to bottom where they can get more space and have larger icons.

Similar improvement can be seen for other options as well vis-à-vis Books, Movies and Devices. I have used other App stores as well and in my opinion, this interface is one of the most visually appealing and intuitive ones especially compared to a few incredibly jumbled up ones (I am looking at you Amazon!).

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