Amazon Appstore Launched in 195 Nations Including India


Amazon is one of the largest online retailers in the market. In fact, in many ways our Flipkart derives from Amazon (the owners of flipkart worked in Amazon before). The company is also responsible for the biggest fork in the Android market.

Where most others have simply created skins over the Android systems, Amazon created its own OS based on Android for its tablets. Also, Amazon was already in the e-book reader business so already knew how to tackle and deal with content consumption on a device.

For their tablets though, they created their own market place. This Amazon appstore was unique in two ways. One, it had more paid apps in its repository (many apps that are free in Google Play might be priced and ad-free in Appstore) and two, it was only available to Kindle tablet users. This meant that even if they wanted to, the actual Android users could not use this appstore for their benefit.

Not anymore though!

Amazon has finally released its appstore to 195 countries that includes India as well. This tally makes it the largest appstore in terms of world reach. Even Google Play is behind with just 134 countries in its list.

Amazon Appstore

While this may not affect us as all appstores (Apple’s Appstore, Windows Phone store and Blackberry) were already present here it will mean a lot to the nations where none was present. Especially for countries where there are Android phones available and used, but people can’t buy paid apps from Google play.

Amazon had launched their appstore for Android in US sometime back but what sets them apart is now the fact that they have reach even where the official android appstore (Google play) might not be present. Also, Amazon appstore has around 85,000 apps (both free and paid) so there will be plenty of choice for users. These apps do not get added to the appstore without being accessed before as well so one can expect quality from these apps as well.

For a country like ours, there are other added advantages that come into place with the launch of Amazon Appstore. The first is the one that comes with every new appstore for the platform. In order to separate itself from others, it offers some apps that might not be present in the other appstores. Or, these apps might be at lesser cost than Google Play.

I never had to pay for ‘Cut the rope’ (my most favorite game of all time) as it was free at the time I downloaded it on an appstore (Getjar). In fact, in my opinion it is not a bad idea to scout once in a while to check out a few other appstores as they might offer something that Google Play might be blatantly missing.

Second is that Amazon Appstore offers a paid app for free every day. This app changes so it means that you get many paid apps for free. This is something that Google has never done and in all probability would never do in the near future.

So, for everyone who wants to get a few good apps but do not want to pay for it, keep an eye on Amazon Appstore. The app might just be hanging there waiting for you to grab it up.

How do get Amazon Appstore on you Android phone

As of now, Amazon Appstore does not show up on Google play store, so you may not be able to install it. But, you can just head over to from your mobile’s browser and download the apk and install it.

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