Vodafone Offers Free Twitter Access on Mobile Site & Android App!


Its raining data goodies for mobile internet customers. Couple of days back, Aircel announced free Wikipedia access for their users and today Vodafone has announced a plan that will offer completely free twitter access to their users.

According to the PR sent to us, users will be able to access twitter free of cost on Twitter’s official Android app ‘Twitter for Android’ app and via mobile.twitter.com for three months.

free twitter vodafone

Any tweets sent or received by Vodafone subscribers will carry no data charges, however, if the user clicks on any links and visits 3rd party site, it will incur regular mobile internet data charges.

It is heartening to see that nearly every mobile operator now has either free or very cost effective plan offerings for most used social networks, messaging or information sites like Facebook, Twitter, Wikipedia, Whatsapp etc.

One of the reason why mobile operators offer these plans are because it becomes a win-win situation for them. With such plans they are able to entice customers to subscribe for their data plans or poach customers from other operators. More than that, they actually make more money on subscriber’s data usage.

Take for example, Vodafone’s twitter partnership – While the tweets are free, any third party links clicked accrue data charges for customers. And nearly 50 percent of the tweets carry some kind of links or pictures from 3rd party websites. Most users tend to click on the links or see pictures, which rakes in moolah for the operators.

Also, the free offering is purely on text messaging, which really does not take much of bandwidth from the operator.

If you are a Vodafone customer go ahead start using their mobile site or official twitter app for Android. You will save some money, but be mindful about browsing on other sites, they do incur charges!

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