Youtube Paid Video Channels Coming this Year?


According to various media reports, Google may soon launch launch Paid subscriptions for Youtube Videos. And, if it becomes a reality, Youtube may directly compete with various paid video and streaming services like Netflix and others.

Report published in adage says that Youtube is in touch with various video content providers to come up with paid channels for a cost ranging from USD 1 to USD 5 per month. The subscription model may be very similar to how Paid TV channels operate currently. Along with this, Youtube is also planning to charge for premium content and live events streaming, more like pay-per-view kind of mode.

Youtube Pay Per View

If this is actually true, it may open a huge new monetization channel for production houses. Currently, Youtube is widely used by film, music and other content producers to launch their movie trailers and snippets. Some production houses have also posted previously aired archived content, but rarely has any new premium content has been put up.

One of the main reason is because most of the content can be monetized only though advertising, which does not offer good enough money to content producers.

However, with paid Youtube channels coming up, even a subscription ranging from Rs. 50 to Rs. 200 p.m will work out to be quite lucrative. With kind of traffic youtube generates, content producers will find it attractive to post their premium content online. The report mentions that revenue split between Youtube and Content producers may be around 45:55, similar to what Google offers to publishers for its advertising

The report also mentions that paid youtube channels may be available as early as the second quarter of this year. Initially, only about 25 paid channels will be launched, subsequently growing in numbers.

From Indian perspective, this will surely open doors not only for production houses but also viewers who may be able to consume premium content from countries like US and UK.

Although, Google has not made any statement on this as yet, talks about paid Youtube content has been making rounds since last couple of years. I guess the wait won’t be much long now!

Would love to hear your thoughts on this.

  1. Madhumita says

    I don’t think that ‘You tube- Paid subscriptions’ will benefit the company as the number of views youtube get daily comprises mostly of the college students who will never be willing to pay for its vedios and would rather find other means…

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