YouTube Opens Live Streaming & Custom Thumbnails For Small Content Creators!


If you are a small content publisher on Youtube – This news will bring a smile on your face. Youtube has now opened up Live streaming on channels that have over hundred subscribers.

Youtube live streaming-001

Live Streaming

This feature is enabled only for users who have their Youtube channel in good standing. If you are not aware of Live streaming – essentially it is a Youtube feature that was available only for medium and large publishers who had over 1000 subscribers on their channel, where the content could be live-streamed.

Youtube has been growing leaps and bounds and currently has over 1 billion unique visitors watching 6 billion hours of videos every month. Youtube Publishers are uploading over 100 hours of videos every minute!

The way Youtube has been growing and with features like live streaming coming to wider audience, it is clear that Youtube is now increasingly becoming a direct competition to traditional TV channels. I do not have any doubt that in next few years, Youtube may become the most most watched channel platform on out traditional TVs!

Along with live streaming, there are more features that Youtube has announced.

Custom Thumbnails

Going forward, youtube publishers will be able to set custom thumbnails for their videos. This was one of the most requested features, because most often automated thumbnails did not represent what the actual video contained and hence the video got lost. Custom thumbnails are also one of the most important aspects of getting higher click through rates.

This feature was available for larger publishers only. But now, it will be available to all. The publisher just needs to make sure that custom thumbnails adhere to Youtube’s quality guidelines.

External Website Linking

Youtube has also allowed external linking to websites through annotations. Till now, Youtube publishers could not link other youtube videos in annotations, but going forward they now can have links to external websites as well!

Related Video Series Creation

Youtube users can now create series of videos by grouping them together. So, when a viewer is watching a particular video, they will be automatically shown next video in the series, thereby increasing the views for publisher videos!

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