Yahoo Shuts 12 Products To Sharpen Their Focus: The Marissa Mayer Effect?


It’s exactly a year since Marissa Mayer took over reigns of Yahoo – and in my opinion she has done a commendable job in the first 12 months of being at the helm for a company that was in a hole prior to her arrival.

Yahoo has made acquisition of 10 startups since her arrival, and all of them have been focused on a singular goal in one way or the other – To create and good engineering team that will innovate and offer content-focused products to users and then convert it into advertising dollars.

In addition to this, Yahoo has been visibly more transparent about their plans and future roadmap. Prior to Mayer coming in, Yahoo seemed like headless chicken running around everywhere without any direction. That’s not true anymore.

In a bid to sharpen Yahoo’s focus further, they have made a Google-esque announcement of shutting bouquet of services, which did not align with Yahoo’s future directions – Twelve services to be precise.

Yahoo services-001

Here are 12 services that Yahoo will shut down over the course of next few months:

Services Shutdown Date
1 Yahoo! Axis June 28, 2013
2 Yahoo! Browser Plus June 28, 2013
3 Citizen Sports June 28, 2013
4 Yahoo! WebPlayer June 30, 2013
5 FoxyTunes July 1, 2013
6 Yahoo! RSS Alerts July 1, 2013
7 Yahoo! Neighbors Beta July 8, 2013
8 AltaVista July 8, 2013
9 Yahoo! Stars India July 25, 2013
10 Yahoo! Downloads Beta July 31, 2013
11 Yahoo! Local API September 28, 2013
12 Yahoo! Term Extraction API September 28, 2013

To be honest, shutting down of these services is not going to affect too many people, I am not sure how many even used it apart from probably the Yahoo Term Extraction API which was being used by quite a few developers for various content projects.

AltaVista is probably the only service I have some feelings for and that too because of nostalgia more than anything else. Pre-Google days, I used to prefer AltaVista search engine, and for a period of about six months, AltaVista for me was the go-to search engine.

Which of the above Yahoo services are you sad to see go? If any….

  1. Digital Deepak says

    Good that Yahoo is trying to focus on the few products which are actually useful. I have never heard of any of the above products :)

  2. Olukunle Moses says

    I think its better, Yahoo is really facing a real financial challenges, I believe those products are the ones that remains dormant and has no real effect and importance on users.

  3. Diwakar Narayan says

    Many of them, I have never heard of.

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