Actionable Tactics for Business Owners to Use Social Media Effectively!


Social Media tools are cropping up and proliferating the market, like flies on rotten meat. Someone or the other is coming up with the latest revolutionary medium that will somehow take care of all of your conversations, give you 5X leads and create 10X conversions.

But, small and medium, and in fact, even many large business owners, are still struggling to figure out the best way to use Social Media. These few pointers will definitely help you more, compared to any other tool out there.

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Show your human side

What would you say people can relate more to? Brands or Humans?

Humans, of course.

Show your face. Literally. Show your customers what goes on behind the scenes; a few pictures of yours, with your co-founders, some of your employees, pictures of that time when all of you went on a picnic. Tell them your story, your employees’ story, the story of how that product came about etc.

Go on a Google+ Hangouts with your Facebook/twitter followers. Share stories. Talk about your product, or better, about life and celebrities and politics. You get the point.

Not many customers think that they could connect with the owner of the brand that they use. That’s good PR.

Don’t be the sleazy Salesman

Remember, Social Media is for creating conversations. So, stop using it for talking about your product all the time. It might seem very counterintuitive, but people are not following you just for the sweepstakes, or the hashtag contests or the promotional offers. That should not be more than 20% of what you do.

More than anything, people want to be informed. We are voracious info junkies. So, 60% of the time share useful information with your followers, a link to a blog post, a compelling infographic etc.

Rest of the time, should be devoted on talking about some of your customers like reposting one of your customer’s rave review of your product or one of the pictures that they might have shared.

Go, seek your audience

Say, you are a firm that does MBA consulting; SOP, recommendations, profile-building, resume-enhancing and the works. You’ve got to go out and seek your customers.

You’ll find your potential clients on LinkedIn and on MBA forums and on Facebook pages related to MBA. Be where your customers are. Help a few out with small issues and don’t charge for it.

Be available. Slowly and steadily, you’ll become the go-to-guy and in no time you’ll have paying customers.

There are things other than sales too

We are all aware of the hiring woes of small businesses. Guess what, Social Media can become your weapon of choice, if used properly. All it takes is a status update or a tweet or two, with a ‘Looking for a summer intern’ and a link to your job applications page. These enthusiastic interns often keep the word moving by ballyhooing about their new gigs on their own social-media profiles.

What other ways can small business owners leverage Social Media?

Do you have an interesting story to share with us? Please do comment.

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