Slideshare Introduces New Infographics Player


Infographics are a great way to present information in concise form on the net. They are not only appealing but have great potential to go viral.

Infographics in their current form are long portrait mode images crammed with information, stats, numbers and accompanied by some great graphics. Sometimes, these Infographics can get really big and bigger the dimension of Infographic, the bigger the size.

Unlike videos, an Infographic cannot be resized to very small dimension as information contained in these infographics becomes quite un-readable. Due to this, it puts constraints of easy sharing on Social Media platforms as well as on normal webpages.

Slideshare seems to have come up with a simple solution for this – They have now introduced an “Infographics Player” that will allow users to easily share and embed Infographics anywhere. The new Slideshare Infographics player also optimizes the viewing experience for the readers.

Publishing Infographics via Slideshare also has additional benefits – The infographics can easily be shared on any Social media platform and they can be resized to smaller sizes to fit anywhere on the webpage.

When the user wants to see it, they have just click on the player’s expand button and full size Infographic will show up for easy viewing.

Infographic publishers can also see how many views, downloads and embeds their infographics have garnered.

To upload Infographics on Slideshare, users will need to use the same upload button and player will automatically detect if it is an infographic. Slideshare also has a separate directory built for Infographics, to which any new infographic uploaded will be automatically added.

Uploading and sharing Infographics through Slideshare has another huge advantage – They will garner more views due to the large community that already exists on Slideshare.

Here is an Infographic using new Slideshare’s Infographic player!

Infographics are increasingly becoming an important content type on the web, and this simple addition by Slideshare is sure to get popular among users.

If you have Infographics, do upload them on slideshare and let us know what you feel!

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