When (Quality) Content Matters!


Content, be it online or offline content has always been a de facto component of any web establishment. The value of the platform and what it stands for is represented by the kind of content it puts across to its audience. And contents are precisely what Google, the oracle of everything online focuses upon too.

The latest algorithm update from Google, the Penguin 2.0 was all about contents as well. Identifying and eliminating bogus Search Engine Optimization techniques alias Black Hat techniques which upgraded the google page rank of the site based on link building and junk content has been taken rather seriously with the Penguin update.

And to be very frank the update has definitely caused a silent uproar for a multiple sites and platforms which have lost their traffic as a result of their earlier Black techniques.

In a similar way however there have been winners as well. Those platforms which were actually putting in their sweat with viable and relevant contents are now seeing a positive traffic trend with the update.

Because of this update, everyone would be talking about the algorithm changes, the updates, the SEO techniques that work etc (I started with them too). However a notion that seems really senseless is why should the update create such an uproar?

Platforms with a particular theme are meant to give information relevant to the theme. And if the content they are providing is viable and valuable why should any sensible algorithm change be such an issue?

The issue here apparently is the fact that today if we look at the online content world, contents are mostly anything but specific to their site themes.


To have a clearer picture, the following instances are note worthy:

1. Huge Content, Less of “Actual” Content

You just have to search for any generic term on any search engine and you get pages upon pages of search results. But the truth is, hardly a few of them turn out to be helpful.

The pages upon pages of search results imply huge content being present out there, but the fact that a user does not find any value from it implies a lack of relevant content.

2. Infinite Linking, Less of “Needed” Links:

After going through a number of search results, if with luck you do come across some relevant content to satisfy your needs, you will undoubtedly find a number of “helpful” links within the content which lead you to a number of places.

Sadly most of the backlinked pages are an unhelpful dump. This is because the linking system on the web is such a nuisance today that, in most cases, actual relevant links to relevant areas of your search needs are nowhere within your sight.

Let us face it, the web is a Pandora’s box of information and content. And if those contents are not relevant than the web will slowly be of no real use.

Then how would the enormous efforts at directing traffic towards the sites matter? A point every internet existence should definitely start thinking about.

Hence every time an update like the Penguin 2.0 is discussed about, cried over, why can’t the following efforts take place instead:

1. Content Creators:

Start creating content for their respective platforms which are actually need based and value driven with the actual theme of the particular site or platform.

They will be accredited positively by every search engine then and traffic is theirs for the taking.

2. Marketers:

You have to market your products/services of course and drive up their visibility. Why not start doing the same through direct content interactions that are helpful to your target audience.

Your target audience will thus know about what you are offering. And since your marketing contents are actually helpful, your offering gets the market mileage by default and you get your bonuses.

3. Internet Players:

Every internet player wants to see his/her existence to be popular on the web. Now to gain this popularity why resort to back handed techniques when you have a platform to serve up something that can satisfy users whom you want to see on your platform.

If you do this your platform grows and you earn a buck in the longer run and not just a flash buck that subsides after some time anyway.

At the end of the day quality content does matter and any amount of effort to undermine that would always come back to haunt you in the form of updates like the one in discussion.

So why bother creating content that garner you a traffic through misleading systems for a short time? When you can always create content that are relevant in an equal amount of time and generate a larger following in the long run.

Because eventually (Quality) content always matters.

[box type=”shadow” ]About Author: Rupam is a writer and a human resources guy who works with FindYogi, a consumer web product from Bangalore based startup, Wowway Labs, which is working on its goal to serving up the best consumer product related information to help consumers make an intelligent and better buying decision.[/box]

  1. altaf says

    can i upload me any blog or websites content in my blog…… bcz im newer in this system and im not expert ………… i already upload content some blogs

  2. Avadhut says


    Useful points. Yes, in fact, I’m experiencing positive flow of people from Google. Love it. Hard work pays!


    1. Rupam says

      Exactly Avadhut…Positive valuable content and the hard work behind it always works :)

  3. altaf says

    Thank you very much rupam

  4. Ravi says

    I have seen Many Articles around Internet whose Authors Stretch the Content and add many extensive Sentences which I guess affects the quality hence agreed with Point 1

    1. Rupam says

      Exactly Ravi. Stretching of contents and especially doing that with contents which have no significance to what is being written about is a definite put down.

  5. altaf khan says

    dear sir i creat a website before 3 month i try hard to it rank…. my site pageviwe 300-350 per day but
    my page rank is 0 how to get my website rank…. what i do please help / advise me

    1. Rupam says

      Altaf, while a page rank is a necessary element of your web prominence, at the young age of your website, it is not the end of your web presence. First of all develop extensive contents in the target areas of your website. Create contents which are relevant to the title of your pages. Google reviews its page ranks in a space of 3-4 months generally (although there is no fixed timing as such). So by the next time the page ranks are reviewed if you have appropriate contents with relevance to your website and the sub categories of your website, I am sure your pagerank will improve.

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