MS Office Launches iPhone App, Makes It Free to Office 365 Subscribers


Finally, the much awaited Microsoft Office app is available to iPhone users. Microsoft today announced launch of “Office Mobile” that will enable iPhone users to access, view, and edit their Office documents on the go.

But, it is not made available free for everyone – Only the users who have Office 365 Home Premium and Office 365 ProPlus subscriptions will be able to use Office 365. So if you are not an office 365 subscriber, you will need to signup for it.

Office Mobile

What Office Mobile Offers

Office Mobile is very similar to Google Docs on Mobile or for that matter any cloud based document application. Office Mobile will allow you to create, save, edit or update any document that is available on Office 365’s cloud storage service called Skydrive.

When you first run the office mobile application, you will need to first give your office 365 account details and the app will then sync all your stored documents.

So, if you have created a document on your PC or Desktop and saved it to Skydrive, or have created on the web using office 365, you will be able to access it on your iPhone as well.

Please remember that for office mobile to work, you will need an iPhone 4, 4S, or 5, or iPod Touch 5th generation. They must be running iOS 6.1 or later.

office mobile

Office Mobile Availability

Currently Office Mobile is available only for US iPhone users, however, the app will be rolled out in all other countries over next few weeks. So, if you are keen on getting office mobile on your iphone, keep a watch on Apple App store.

Out Thoughts

It is a smart move made by Microsoft to tie up Office 365 authorization with Office Mobile. This way they will now be able to push their office 365 subscriptions more aggressively to iPhone users.

Being an Android user, I am not able to offer you first-hand experience, but there is no doubt Office Mobile will provide a far superior document creation and editing experience than any one else including Google Docs.

I am a Office 365 subscriber myself, and now eagerly waiting Office Mobile to be launched in Android platform as well.

If you are an iPhone user, download it, use it and let us know what you feel.

  1. Aditya Dey says

    I was quite sure that it was coming….Microsoft gave us a slight hint on it few days back….I think it’s a nice move in deed…and it will ease up many things….Office Mobile is a nice concept indeed….after all its Microsoft….expectations are always high with it….have you used it yet???

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