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Last updated: July 11, 2013 at 11:41 am

Jamvee, Tata Comm’s New Enterprise Video Conferencing Platform

Tata Communications has announced launch of Jamvee, a cloud-based on-demand video conferencing service for enterprises and professionals across the globe.

While there are many online video-conferencing platforms available for consumers on the web, Jamvee is one of the few that is specifically directed towards large global enterprises. Given that Tata Communications, along with Tata group companies like TCS, have enviable roaster of global clients, Jamvee may have quite a few takers already.

What Does Jamvee Offer?

Jamvee is not just another video conferencing platform on the web. It uses world’s only fibre optic cable ring around the globe, owned by Tata Comm themselves to deliver exceptional quality video and audio conferencing services. Traditional services rely purely on the internet network for delivery, and due to speed, quality and interoperability issues, the potential of video conferencing is still not fully utilized.

On the other hand, every Jamvee video meeting is directly carried across the world’s largest and furthest-reaching undersea cable network ensuring consistent global access and reliability needed by enterprises and professionals for video collaboration.

Jamvee works on all devices and operating systems including Windows, OSX software-based devices, iPhone and iPad devices. Jamvee Android application will be launched in August 2013 bringing millions of Android based devices under its fold as well.

Jamvee supports upto 46 participants in a meeting at any one time ensuring that large group of people can interact seamlessly with each irrespective of their location.

How Jamvee Works?


Jamvee’s working is very similar to most other video conferencing platforms. It is a pin based system, where the host sends the meeting pin to its participants.  All participants call on a single number and get access to the meeting room by use of that pin number. Jamvee application can be downloaded by participants from Jamvee portal or through Apple App store.

Jamvee Pricing

While Jamvee is primarily targeted at enterprise user base, they also have a end-consumer offering which are essentially time based prepaid plans (like mobile prepaid plans) and can accommodate upto 12 participants. It also has monthly unlimited plan which is priced at USD 349, but can accommodate only 4 participants in all.

Jamvee Plans

In our opinion, the prices may look on the higher side compared to many other offerings on the net. However, as mentioned previously, Jamvee is essentially targeting the enterprise user base with a superior offering with probably the best infrastructure anyone can offer.

Would love to hear your thoughts on Jamvee…

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