Google Mapathon 2013 [ Toons]


I am sure by now you must have heard about Google Mapathon 2013. It is an initiative by Google to make their maps in India more comprehensive by crowdsourcing it to Indian masses. And yes, for that effort they are offering some awesome prizes which include Samsung Galaxy Note Tablet, Smartphones, Gift vouchers and more. So, if you have time on hand do go ahead with it.

Its been some time since we released, so we though what better subject to release our next Toon. Now, here is a real reason why Google is conducting the Mapathon 2013!


And if you want to be part of helping Columbus correctly get to India :), head over to Google Mapathon website. The mapathon will go on till end of March, so you have ample time…

  1. Soham says

    How many “edits” do you think we will have to do before the deadline to at-least be in the top 1000?

  2. Deepak kumar yadav says

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