Google+ comments launched to compete with Facebook Comments!


This may prove to be a big push for popularity of Google+ as well as a big boon to thousands of publishers across the web.

According to an announcement yesterday, Google has introduced Google+ Comments on their blogger platform. And from what I have seen, I am thoroughly impressed with it.

But first – What is Google+ Comments?

If you are a blogger or a web publisher, communicating and interacting with your visitors is one of the most important aspects for you. In all probability you already have commenting functionality built into your website.

However, one issue with having your own commenting system is that you can view only the discussions that happen on your website. If someone shares your article on a Social Media Platform like Google+ or Facebook, you are unable to view those. So, essentially your discussions are fragmented and you have to go to various different platforms to see and respond.

Facebook Comments was the first to take advantage of this – In 2009, they introduced Facebook Comments and hundreds and thousands of publishers made Facebook comments are their default commenting system.

Google+ has now joined the fray…

Blogger commenting system

Although, currently only available for Blogger platform, I am sure Google will extend its functionality to other CMS platforms as well. Blogger may probably be a test bed before they launch it on other platforms.

Google+ Comment Features

Like Facebook comments, Google+ comments also unifies the discussions happening on your website with discussions (on that same article) happening on Google+ platform.

So for example, if there’s a public Google+ discussion about one of your articles, those comments and replies will also appear on your own blog automatically. This will enable you to have more engagement with all your readers in one place.

What I really like about Google+ comments is its privacy feature, which unfortunately is not available on Facebook comments. That is also one of the reasons, why we removed Facebook comments from There are many visitors who want to comment anonymously. If you have FB comments activated that is not possible. But with Google+ commenting system, it seems to be very much possible.

With the concept of Google+ circles, the discussion can also be very meaningful because a blog commenter can privately make comments to only the circles he wishes.

So, if I make a comment on a particular blog post which I want only couple of my friends to see, it is very much possible.

What I also like about Google+ commenting system is its excellent look and feel compared to Facebook comments.

And to top all of that – one does not really have to worry about Spam anymore…

Overall, a great feature introduction by Google+ – I for one am eagerly waiting for it to be introduced to platforms other than blogger.

  1. Varun says

    this Google+ comments are nice to look but a user needs to have a G+ account to do so and may people don’t have G+ accounts so there will be definitely a very less no. of comments on blog. so from my side it’s a big NO to Google + comments.

  2. Albert says

    Yes Prabhu. It is really a big update from Google+ team. Looks like more updates coming for the same feature.

    Actually I don’t want to miss WordPress Default commenting system also this G+ commenting system in my blogs… Let’s wait and see.

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