Amazon CloudFront & Route 53 Now On India Edge Locations!


Amazon has announced 2 new edge locations in India in Chennai and Mumbai. These 2 new edge locations will be used for their hugely popular CDN (content delivery network) “Cloudfront” and DNS web service “Route 53”.

Amazon’s launch of India based edge locations is quite a big deal especially for large Indian web publishers. Very few large CDN networks are currently available in India and with Amazon cloudfront’s entry many websites who primarily have traffic from India will move to these Amazon services.

One of the major advantages of having India based CDN is the reduction of latency times for webpages. Here is an example: Our site is hosted in India, whereas Techcrunch is hosted in US. If you ping both the servers, the response time that takes is nearly one-tenth of what Techcrunch takes. You can see it here. ping times latency

The edge locations in India support all CloudFront and Route 53 capabilities, including delivery of entire website (including dynamic content), live and on-demand streaming media, and security features like custom SSL certificates.

What will be even more appealing for Indian website owners will be the pricing – The pricing for India based edge locations is cheaper than Amazon’s price in Singapore, Japan, South America and even Australia. Only US and Europe prices are cheaper.

Amazon AWS Pricing for Indian Edge Locations

United States Europe Hong Kong, Korea & Singapore Japan South America Australia India Reserved Capacity Pricing
First 10 TB / month $0.120 $0.120 $0.190 $0.201 $0.250 $0.190 $0.170 Custom
Next 40 TB / month $0.080 $0.080 $0.140 $0.148 $0.200 $0.140 $0.130 Custom
Next 100 TB / month $0.060 $0.060 $0.120 $0.127 $0.180 $0.120 $0.110 Custom
Next 350 TB / month $0.040 $0.040 $0.100 $0.106 $0.160 $0.100 $0.100 Custom
Next 524 TB / month $0.030 $0.030 $0.080 $0.085 $0.140 $0.095 Custom Custom
Next 4 PB / month $0.025 $0.025 $0.070 $0.075 $0.130 $0.090 Custom Custom
Over 5 PB / month $0.020 $0.020 $0.060 $0.065 $0.125 $0.085 Custom Custom

[Pricing Source]

Amazon Route 53

Apart from Cloudfront, Amazon has also announced their Route 53 services that will be available in India as well. Route 53 is essentially  a Domain Name System (DNS) web service which is designed to give developers and businesses an extremely reliable and cost effective way to route end users to websites and web applications.

With Amazon services now have India based edge locations, it would be quite interesting to see how India based data centers respond. Amazon’s pricing works out quite cheap as the users do not have to pay anything upfront. All services that Amazon offers are pay-as-you-go.

  1. Ravi says

    This certainly is opening of a new chapter in the hosting scenario of India. We have many big (so called) and small players in this segment who provide hosting in the country. They are absolutely unreliable, unprofessional and customer support is bad. None of them provide CDN though. Amazon has started with CDN is a sign that in near future it may also consider providing S3 services with an Indian Bucket. Currently the nearest S3 bucket they have is in Singapore.

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