Skype integrates in Microsoft, Messenger withers off!


If I would ask you which is the most used software (or app) for video chatting, the answer would be pretty much unanimous. Skype, when born, came with the idea to use minimum resources to get the video chatting up and running. In my experience too, it has worked, albeit stutteringly where other services failed completely. This is something that might have been observed by other users as well.

If we talk locally, Microsoft Messenger is a dead duck. Personally, I have used it but rarely and I do not know anyone who has. Google won the mail here and Google chat beat messenger a long time back. Now, Facebook chat is the call of the day. This essentially means that in India Microsoft was never in the race for people using its chat client. In the world on the other hand there are several users who are currently looking skeptically at this merger.

The success of Skype is quite comprehensive and visible, thus it was no surprise when Microsoft bought it at $8.5 billion.

This acquisition was done in May 2011 and what surprises me more is that it took Microsoft 2 years to actually unify its two systems. Maybe, it was under the notion that people might not react to shutting down any of the two. Maybe, Microsoft was deciding which nomenclature to continue with. Mind you, after 2013, as both the accounts are linked you can sign in into all Microsoft services with the same id. Earlier this meant- Outlook, Messenger, XBOX, Live all were connected with this account. Now, Skype too will be a part of this account.

This was the email received by many yesterday:


What’s the Change?

For people who do not have an account with Microsoft, nothing much has changed. To them, Skype works as it previously did. Though, it is possible that Microsoft may focus on making Skype more client-server than it is now (Currently it works on a Peer2Peer model). I do not know how this will affect the end-user experience though I hope it does not have a negative impact. On the other hand, Microsoft will not implement something that hinders the performance of Skype.

For people having an active account with Microsoft (In India, most will be owning an XBOX), they can link and use the same account with Skype.

The interesting turn is how will this affect other companies. For example, Facebook uses Microsoft’s Skype for its video chat. Google has implemented its own video chat in Google+ which lets users to talk to more than one person at a time.

Before Skype, Microsoft had no foothold in the market and Google was making strides quite easily. This could have been another field where Google would have won before Microsoft reached. Buying Skype changed that. Now, Microsoft can integrate a good video client in all its devices.

The biggest advantage that I see is that Microsoft has a chat client that can be installed in all devices. This means with Skype, a person can talk from a PC to an iPhone or from a Mac to a Windows Phone, from Linux Desktop to an Android Tablet or from a Windows Tablet to a PC. Microsoft already has a software that can work as a combination of Blackberry Messenger, iPhone message and Whatsapp.

The only question is – Will Microsoft scale it like this and how will it utilize this prowess?

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