List Of Projects Google Killed: The Google Graveyard [Infographic]


July 1st 2013 would mark the end of a great product from Google – Google Reader . It will be shut down and while there are plenty others that are ready to take its place, Google Reader will always have a place in people’s heart as the first proper and near-perfect RSS reader.

Every RSS reader will be compared to it and the fact that all of them have come short in some way tells you tons about the quality and following of Google Reader.

But, Google reader is not the first product killed by Google. In fact, there is a whole slew of products that Google has killed over last few years. Some might be recognizable to you while there are others that weren’t even that good, let alone be comparable to Google reader.

In fact, Wordstream came up with a nice infographic that presents the recent kills that Google has performed. Named aptly, ‘The Gooooooooooogle Graveyard’, it beautifully (if that can be said about an obituary) shows the products along with their death date on a tombstone.

The interesting thing to note here is how often and how relentlessly Google kills off the products. Despite having the leisure and the money to back these products, Google is not emotionally attached to any product that they create. If it is not serving the purpose it has to go.

Something all Startups and many bigger companies ought to learn from Google.

The Google Graveyard Infographic


Which other projects do you think Google will kill in the near future?

  1. Kishore says

    I still dont understand why orkut is not yet killed by google. Its more like Antarctica, a lot of space wasted for nothing. Hope they kill it soon and make way to other projects.

  2. Naren says

    Google Co-op is missing in this list.

  3. abhishek says

    I think its GOOGLE GLASS… ridiculous it is yaar…..don’t see any future of this project……. But Project Loon as lot of potential and will b revolutionary kind of if implemented fully……

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