TATA Comm. & Web Werks Data Centers Host Maximum Malware Sites: Google Transparency Report


Google Transparency Report has been forefront in releasing the stats in regards to copyright takedowns and government data requests. This twice-a-year report from Google has now also started to include stats about how many malware and phishing sites they detect.

According to a blogpost published by Google yesterday, these malware stats will now become part of Transparency report under “Safer Browsing” program that Google has been pushing hard since past few years.

Visitors to Google’s Transparency report can now get a global view on the amount of Malware that has been hosted in various regions along with origination of attack sites.

And Indians should be specifically alarmed by stats – India has highest number of Malware sites across the world in percentage terms. 14 percent of 25,935 sites scanned by Google hosted Malware!

India hosting Malware

It is a surprising aspect that countries that are know to to be malware havens like Russia and Ukraine have only about 8 percent of sites hosting malware as compared to India’s 14 percent.

Mexico also has one of the highest percentages with nearly 11 percent sites hosting malware content. In comparison Countries like US and UK have a much lower percentage of 5 percent.

Indian Data Center Take Note

The transparency report not only provides the stats, but it also offers information on which data center have maximum percent of sites hosting Malware.

TATA Communication and Web Werks Data centers in India lead with nearly 1 in 5 sites scanned hosting Malware, which is quite an alarming number. 711 out of 3456 sites on Tata’s server scanned had some kind of malware on their sites, while Web Werks had 780 out of 3861 sites infected on their servers. Web Werks also had about 5 percent of the sites that were classified at Malware Attack Sites (AS).

Here are the numbers released by Google transparency Report

Autonomous System  Number of sites scanned  Scanned sites hosting malware  % of AS scanned 
TATA Communications formerly VSNL is Leading (4755)
3,456 711 (21%) 3%
Web Werks (33480)
3,861 780 (20%) 5%
Netmagic Datacenter Mumbai (17439)
2,632 387 (15%) 4%
CtrlS Datacenters (18229)
4,594 459 (10%) 4%
Net4India (17447)
2,701 156 (6%) 2%
National Informatics Centre (4758)
1,165 16 (1%) 3%

Even the Government data center (NIC), which is supposed to be extra secure had 1 percent of the sites hosting malware, while 3 percent of them were attack sites (AS).


  1. Laura Streeton says

    Could that also be attributed to poor website security? For all I know, hackers can always take over a defenseless site and plant some malware on it.

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