Instagram Video vs. Vine- What is your choice?


The time for pictures it seems has passed. Or at least it has taken a backseat. Videos are the new fashion trend that the internet community is following. While Youtube will always remain the granddaddy of the videos, it is also a different kind of community than what is cropping up now with Vine and Instagram Videos.

While most of you might be knowing what Vine is as it has been here sometime and Instagram Videos is Instagram’s (and by extension Facebook’s) entry into a fairly new territory.

The two have together brought a new variety of videos in the market that are small enough to be watches in bulk without hurting the bandwidth too much. More importantly, they ease the watching of videos on mobile owing to their small size.

Lets see what are the difference with feature comparison

Instagram Video Vs Vine

Comparison vine Instagram

There are more differences but these are the ones that are the major points over which the user might change services. It also shows the approach that the two companies have taken towards videos and how much it signifies the roots from which the two companies have come.

Vine gives a person 6 seconds of video while Instagram gives 15 seconds. While it may not seem much in terms of numbers (9 seconds, meh!), the impact the two videos have changes completely.

Instagram gives 2.5 times as much time for a person to create a video which means ease of use immediately! For example, how many of you know Facebook also has a character limit? How many actually hit it on a regular basis? Compare this to twitter where anything more than two sentences gets converted to- “ths is nt gng my way”.

Vine on the other hand has the advantage of creativity. As the space is just a span of 6 seconds, a person has to think of ways to express oneself in that limit. Similar to Twitter’s impact on language and ways of sharing information, Vine gives a new dimension to Videos. Instagram Videos are simply videos while Vine videos have more GIF like appearance.

Also, Instagram brings its famous filters to its videos. Anyone who has used Instagram filters would know what this means. The videos would have a similar variety added to them.

Along with image stabilization, making videos on Instagram is a fairly easy thing compared to Vine which has a stricter approach and bar for its video making.

Sharing as well seems to have found abundance in Instagram Videos with Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and even email option available. Vine on the other hand gives only Facebook option and Twitter obviously.

On the face of it, Instagram looks better than Vine in every respect as it is giving everything more than Vine. But the reality is a little skewed than that.

It is because of two major things-

1. Vine was here first – It has created a user base and people already love it. Instagram on the other hand is the new kid in the block. It would need time to gain the same love.

2. Vine and Instagram come from different ideas – The idea behind Vine is frugality. Something on the lines of its parent Twitter. People are not given room to wiggle and it is expected they would make use of the space given to them wisely and creatively. Instagram focuses on ease of use. It doesn’t expect its users to put too much hard work into making the videos but more on sharing them. Something Instagram did for photographs.

Who Wins?

While no one knows what the future might be for the two, it is very believable that both would continue to thrive as in my opinion they have a completely different set of users as far as content creators are concerned.

It all comes down to people who will be watching these videos. While Instagram would have more videos in due course of time due to its ease of use, the videos might themselves be not as high on content as what Vine might present plainly due to its limitation.

Have you used both the services? Which one do you find more addictive or you see winning this new tiny video war?

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