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Narendra Modi’s Independence Day Speech Stirs The Country With Patriotism
For most of the years till now, Independence day had it’s significance for many things including patriotism. Independence day was about parades and flag hoisting and half day in school, gathering around the flag [more]
ICC’s new ODI rules detail!
India will play its home series against England under ICC’s new ODI rules already effective from October 1. Playing for the first time since the new rules, Indian captain MS Dhoni showed some apprehensions against [more]
LG Targets Rs. 9600 Cr Revenue In India In 2014, Will Launch Smart Phone Controlled Appliances
Last year, LG India achieved revenues of Rs 8000 crore from Indian market. Buoyed by the encouraging numbers, they are betting revenues of Rs 9600 this year as they aim to leverage it’s dominant position [more]
Amazon App Store Offers 9 Photography apps for free today!
Amazon Appstore is the second largest Android Appstore after Google’s Play Store. While Google’s play store is the default app source for almost all Android devices, Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablets are exclusively [more]
Google Drive Storage Prices Significantly Reduced; 15GB Free, 100GB for $1.99
Cloud Storage Space is becoming extremely important in today’s world where we need to access our files from different devices and different locations. Google Drive is undoubtedly the most popular service when it comes [more]
Nokia’s First Android Phone: Images, Configuration & Rumours
Speculation about Nokia’s first Android device is growing day by day as a Twitter user has released leaked images of this device along with hardware specifications. Code named “Normandy”; “Project N”; “MView” etc, Nokia’ [more]
Chromecast Opens Google Cast Developer SDK
Every time an SDK (Software development Kit) is launched, it presents the opportunity for new softwares and apps from developers around the world. Google has always been ahead of the curve in this regard with [more]
Blackberry Bringing BBM App To Gingerbread
Sit around people, I bring Blackberry news. Honestly, with the situation Blackberry has reached, every news that is not pertaining to Android and Apple is a generous welcome. While this news is not completely Android [more]
Zipi, A Magnetic Ear bud Strap That Untangles Earphone Puzzle!
I had my first feature phone 5 years back and my first smartphone almost 3 years back when Android was just starting out. Now I am possessed by my Android tab and iPhone 5 to [more]
Google Nexus Wireless Charger available in India now
Google has made its wireless charger available in four more countries- India, Australia, Japan and Korea. You can purchase it soon on the play store where it is displaying as ‘coming soon’ at Rs. 3299. [more]
Top 7 Promising Indian Tech Startups of 2013
Indian Startups are raring to conquer the world. More and more daring technologists are quitting their routine jobs, and jumping into the startup arena. And the world is taking notice. Multi billion dollar corporations like [more]
Samsung Galaxy Note 3 to be the official Olympic Phone
So, what would you do if you want your phone to have a global coverage for an extended period of time? Of course, sponsor a sports event. At least this is what Samsung must have [more]
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