From today, you will not be able to send more than 100 SMS per day from your SIM card. Telecom regulator TRAI had notified that no service provider shall provide packages containing more than 100 SMS per day, in order to tackle the menace of unwanted calls and telemarketing messages. However, the new regulation on SMS cap does not apply on festival days.


This move has been opposed by most of the telecom service operators, as they are involved in offering such SMS packages at cheaper rates, but reap benefits of volume game on daily basis.

In a bid to steer clear of pesky calls and short service messages, TRAI had recommended subscribers to register for National Customer Preference Registry to opt for blocking unwanted calls depending on the category of the desired service or sector they wish to log-in and log-out of.

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  1. Yea n that's your solution! BALLS TO U TRAI! What's your problem if I am willing to pay for the sms's I send… what if I msg a lot.. or what if I hav run out of my 100 messages and need to still send msges like right now….. will u pay for my calls?

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