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When buying a 2 wheeler (without gears), 2 vehicles always make to the top of the list. Honda Activa and Suzuki Access 125 are probably the two most selling two-wheelers in the scooter category with automatic gear. Undoubtedly, Honda is an undisputed king in the scooter’s market with waiting period for its top notch model Activa stretching as remote as 6-8 months delivery time. In fact, even the nearest competitor Suzuki Access 125 is far behind it terms of sales against Honda.

Honda Activa


Honda Activa

Suzuki Access 125

Engine Displacement

109 cc

125 cc

Maximum Power

8 bhp @ 7500 rpm

8.58 bhp @ 7000 rpm

Maximum Torque

0.9 kg-m @5500 rpm

1.0 kg-m @ 5500 rpm

Fuel Tank Capacity

5.3 litres
Metal Body

6 litres
Fibre body


Both the two-wheelers are powered by 4 stroke, single cylinder, air cooled OHC engine. However, a major difference between the two most popular scooters is in their displacement capacity – while Activa offers 109 cc, Access 125 boasts of a higher 124 cm cube.

Activa provides a maximum power of 8 bhp @ 7500 rpm, whereas Suzuki’s 125 engine provides 8.58 bhp @ 7000 rpm on the higher side. Moreover, Access 125 provides a slightly higher fuel tank capacity of 6 litres as compared to Activa’s 5.3 litres.

Suzuki Access 125


Auto enthusiasts believe that Honda is low on production to meet the increased demand for its scooters, which is driven by higher utility for both the sexes of the world. On the other hand, Suzuki is benefiting from its almost ready delivery position to benefit from the Honda’s slow delivery schedule.

One new feature that I’ve come across in Suzuki’s Access 125 scooter is a shutter [See Image] for its centralized ignition key switch, to protect it from misuse by children/miscreants or dust particles from getting inside the key hole.

One of the important differentiation between the two is Activa has a strong metal body whereas Suzuki Access comes with a Fiber body. So, if you are looking for something very sturdy and rough use, Activa might be a better choice. However, due to fiber body, Access is a lighter vehicle, so few may find it easier in handling and manouvering.

Each of the vehicles have their advantages and disadvantages, so you will need to look at what suits you best.

P.S: When buying a vehicle, always think about after sales service and maintainence as well. That should play a role in your decision making!

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135 Responses to Honda Activa vs. Suzuki Access 125 [Comparison]

    • Ankit,

      Access 125 is on a bit heavier in terms of weight, but comes with a little more powerful engine that will provide trifle better pick-up to start with. Frankly, there is little to choose for between the two from a layman’s perspective.

      But, if you can wait for a long delivery period of 6-8 months for Honda’s Activa, then you can opt for the best selling scooter on Indian roads. However, if you’re eager to set your hands on the two-wheeler sooner, go for Access 125.

    • Actually mahindra launched new handy scooter mahindra duro 125 good milage, good pick up & ultra power hydraulic suspension. in this scooter we can find one good thing is milage above 70 km/ltr.

    • activa is good than access i have drive both but i feel comfortable in activa so the good one is activa but it fuel system is only 5.3 l and acces is 6.2 liters ok so good one is activa

    • Access is the best , because as compared to activa & dio it’s more powerfull ,with 125cc it gives more millage than activa & dio. it’s pickup’s the speed of 0-60 in just 6.4sec & for activa n dio time is 10.2sec ,top speed of access is 92kph & for activa, dio 79 n 82 kph respectively …so access gives more power, milage,pickup,speed i like it…

    • For both compare active is very good quality engine with body but access is high performance engine only.

  1. I purchased Suzuki access very recently and it is much powerful and have verygood acceleration,smooth engine,good controls.I have yet to see the mileage,but may give not less than 48kmpl.I recommend access and not honda activa.

  2. please email any new arrivals in honda activa and suzuki access 125. is there a revised model of suzuki 125

  3. I am intending t buy ascooter. I am in a concussion weather to buy activativa or access as the technical futures are almosqt the same. Kindly advise me.

  4. Activa old model is far better than new modle.. If company make old modle again then surely i tell u that it can beat suzuki access with higer marjin.. When i decided to buy a gearless vehicle to my sister then first i and my sister opted and decided to buy a activa but the old model is not available at showroom, so atlast we selected suzuki access instead of activa..

  5. I want to buy one sccoter before coming sunday either suzuki or honda , kindly advice me immediately. My age is 58

  6. I want to buy one scooter but i can’t choose from Suzuki access or activa. kindly advice me, which long lasting and to drive longway.

    • I like access as I got option to choose metal dumper. Cost is higher but Engine performance is far better than activa.

    • I think u are not aware about the maintenance part of activa, if so u would never have written that bcoz access has no comparission with activa. Access is far much better than acces in all respect


  8. Better buy both. Monday wednesday friday use one. Tuesday, thursday saturday use the other. Sunday walk. Good for health.
    After going through all the reviews this is my conclusion

  9. I also want to know your view on Honda Activa & Suzuki Access, which is to be purchased. I am more intersted in Knowing the Milage of both.

    • You need to think about engine performance. Please take test drive today to do proper comparison with two bikes. Ultimately you will choose Access 125.

  10. I intend to purchase a scooter which is comparatatively reasobaly priced, reasonable waiting-period, better after sales-servic, better durability,more storing space better mileage etc. I am stationed at Mumbai. Other brand will also do.

  11. I have purchased a white colour suzuki access 125 cc scooter for my daughter in visakhaatnam, Its amazing poerformance scooter wise. but servicing concerned they squeese the customer ie., in 8th servicing s/m cable spoiled it was replaced, but with the servicing charge they charged cable replacement chaarges also claimed extra and they said according to company rules we did:nt sold spares out side .these all monopaly. before purchaseing kindly consider deelership also.

    • sir , next time u will give ur scooter for servicing only in suzuki showroom instead of dealer for good service…dealers r waiting for ern money only ,

  12. plz suggest me which one is the best scooter in Activa, Access(Suzuki) , Mastero (hero) or Aviator …….. I want one of the best for me……

  13. Access is the best , because as compared to activa & dio it’s more powerfull ,with 125cc it gives more millage than activa & dio. it’s pickup’s the speed of 0-60 in just 6.4sec & for activa n dio time is 10.2sec ,top speed of access is 92kph & for activa, dio 79 n 82 kph respectively …so access gives more power, milage,pickup,speed i like it…

  14. make two chits of paper and write the name of activa and access…………….make a lucky draw….i did the same and activa wins……….:D….lets gooooo

  15. Just think about money once. If you buy access, the resale value is very low, and I don’t think you will get the spare parts. Activa has the best resale value. Go for activa,….

    • I had purchased access in 2008 for 43,500 , run it for 24000Km in 3 years, then sold it for 40000 in 2011. And i had no complaint regarding access…

      • Sure rightly said Gurpreet bro , the Activa oil is widely available in the market but the suzuki oil is available only at the showrooms and they dont bsell loose bottles , one dent to the fiber baby and the thje whole part has to be replaced each showroom with a show price better wait and get an activa , rather than access to malice ..

  16. Both r good, activa proved itself as a sucessful vehicle,now chance should b given to acesses,it will b more sucess than activa.

  17. hi
    friends, i’m planning to buy a fuel efficient two wheeler & good in handling, with which should i go HONDA, ACCESS or MAHINDRA….

  18. Suzuki Access 125 is the Best in every condition to compare with Honda Activa… Coz I have both nd I like to drive access… access takes low maintenance but activa takes more nd more maintenance… Activa handle is started heavy vibration after 7000-8000 km… but access have no any handle vibration in 15000+ kms… Activa giving problem in self-start every time… but access started in only a single shock..Activa is havier in weight to it's engine capacity soo it maintain low Balance nd access is perfect to size nd weight… Activa gives heavy vibrating if we cross 60 kmph nd also gives engine loud sound, nd takes heavy stress and force to give 70 kmph speed but access is vry best nd smoothly cracks the 80-85 kmph speed… I would suggest to Access is Best in every condition as compare to any non-gear scooter…

  19. hahahahhahah….i think everyone is now confused. Whether to choose activa or 125….Seems, i should go with something new…….

  20. Hi,

    After doing a lot of research over the net before buying a scooter. I finally decideded to go with Activa 2012 model.Its been 2 months and I really enjoy riding it. Its really good. I do not see much difference over suzuki access and honda activa. Look wise both are same. I even had check in my locality. Most of them are Honda activa 2012 model. Even after reading the reviews over net i found that people still go with the trust i.e Honda activa. No matter what difference it makes. Activa gives just 3 km more as compared to suzuki access. pick up wise suzuki access is better. But again suzuki access is a fibre built. Activa is metal built. On the long run Activa gives better performance compared to Suzuki access. Suzuki access no doubt beats activa in case of pick up since it is 125cc. But who is in a hurry. If you really want a better pick up why not bikes instead of scooter :-). Makes some sense lol. Because you will get a better bike for almost the same price of both the scooters.In my opinion Honda Activa still has an edge over Suzuki Access.

    Suzuki access 125 cc- Hence a better pickup but less mileage
    Honda Activa 110 cc – Hence pickup is less compared to Suzuki wheras mileage is just 3 kms more 🙂
    Activa Honda is a metal built – Hence it is good for long run use but suzuki is not good for long run.
    Also even though service cost for Honda is normally more compared to Suzuki you will find more service centre for Honda and it will be easier compared to Suzuki.
    I suggest both the scooters are good. But Activa is more stable as compared to Suzuki Access 125 and Activa will be successfully yet again. No doubt.It depends on how each individual maintains the scooter. If you maintain properly Activa Honda will be the best amongst both. It will beat Suzuki Access except pickup which is only due to 125 cc engine.

    • wellsaid who is bothered about the pickup. I used acess125 for 4 years but faced a lot of problems regarding service and parts. Now decided to go for activa there is no other go for me

  21. Very much confused between Activa & Access… Deep inside found Deo Damn Sexy <3 !!!
    Deo / Activa / Access ???

  22. pls advice me i have some confusion to buy the activa honda or access suzuki 125 pls gi ve me good suggestion

  23. i already had an activa but i want one more vehicle for my sister so please advice me which vehicle i choose kinetic flyte, acess 125, mahindra rodeo, mahindra rodeo, or aviator according to height , body type , mileage , speed………………………………………………….

    • Its my opienon is szuki 125is very best honda activa id verry fuduu …..125 szuki milage .eengiencapcty is very good but i do advise buy the parchage szuki 125 access is very best

  24. I will suggest to go for activa because new honda activa hec is give more milage and the body is made of metal and active is having good resale value.

  25. Regading suspension Access is better than activa . Those who wants to have better suspension in bad roads access is having good suspension when compared to activa. otherwise both are good

  26. i am using acees125, from the past 4 years and the main problem is brakes, Whenever you replace them again and again they slip. Another thing is parts availability is another hectic only in showroom only we get that. Cannot be handled at high speed another drawback because of fibre body. These are the worst situations i faced in my past 4 years with suzuki access.

  27. You better buy a horse and gift it to your sis…these bikes are waste…no need to think of mileage, pickup,price and model. As always girls expects ppl attention…its better to go for a Horse…lot of attention and savings..

  28. activa is much better compared to suzuki access 125 because u have a big problem of getting the parts avilibilty and honda parts u can access it very easily hahah everywhere and about the milage activa fairly gives u around 45 kmpl and suzuki access gives u the milage around 38-40kmpl

  29. leave about bikes. . if u go to buy bikes for sukuki show room…. the people’s there not responding properly to customers
    what type of management they have bullshet

  30. Hi,



    • do not buy access 125. worst scooter. always got problem.
      the engine gets to bore at 20,000 kms itself.

      i bought 3yrs back and now I am spending 15k on this vehicle for problem in engine which is said to be bore.

  31. I am confused between activa and access.
    My daily commute will be 10-15km
    Which one should I go for

  32. अप्रतिम दर्जा आणि ऊत्तम बाईक म्हणजे. …


    नादच खुळा

  33. dont buy the access 125 because it is the bad scooter you will buy this scooter you will think it is good at and it will give average 55kmpl but 3-4 month ago its average is 30kmpl

  34. Suzuki Access 125 is best.I m using this scooter science 2010. But a main difference b/w activa n access is that carborator of access is with the rear wheel, because of this we have to save it from dust areas while in activa this is far from wheel and under the cover.
    Fiber body is not an issue. At overall Access is moreeee better than actva due to its smoother engine nd high picup.
    Also in new access the front fander is replace with metal body.Due to this it becomes a comlete best scooter.
    Go for Access 125 without any dought.

  35. Suzuki Access 125 is the best scooter. Good mileage(54.9Km) in 55 – 60 km speed. Good suspension. Do your vehicle servicing at correct time. Mileage depend on your riding style.
    I am using this scooter since Mar 2010. I am happy with Suzuki Access 125.

  36. Go for activa… don’t ever buy acess 125 even if the waiting list is long. I had acess 125, till date if all going ok u will enjoy but soon it start rehaulling n repair you will be trapped, genuine parts not readily available may have to wait months, non reparable, even mechanics with expertise have hands down when it comes to repair it, too complecated engine n system, wrong mounting of air filter just above the rear tyre to welcome dust n water. i had completely repaired engine thrice but nt successful. In this case Japanese fails.
    While honda has genuine part available with dealer n retailer, easily repairable value for money… better resaleresale value comfortable…..

  37. I want to buy a scooter.
    So anybody please help me ,which scooter I want to buy.
    Activa i, Activa 3G, Suzuki Access, Tvs.
    please help me

  38. i like acess 125 because it has 124 cc ingine and good axcellration than activa 125 when i had activa my friends beat me with hero mastero now i have acess 125 it is so good than activa 125 you can go for acess 125

  39. Activa has good looks but its pickup is the worse . Only a 100 cc activa has a good pickup. Access is a good vehicle which has a greater pickup , suspension its only draw back is its milege and the latest model of Access has a metal body too. Access according to me is far better than activa. I am using activa from 1 year but many problems occured and made me to spend 6000 ₹ till now while the access my father has didnt cost him much within last 8 years. So access is the best than a activa.

  40. Oh my god over all looks like Suzuki is not that good … better walk n go so many comments confused was in a mood to buy Suzuki access but now I don’t think I will go for it.

  41. Hello…..frds my self Mohammed akifuddin and I have taken a Suzuki access this bike is like a dabba u know.my best choice is Honda activa a very good scooter in India 100% I have given to this bike……

  42. Don’t take Suzuki access bike yeh 1 dabba gadi hai aur iski fiber body hai ju ghar Mein tu subhi use karte hai aur bacche bhi use karte hai aur girra te bhi hai aur iski body tud jaati hai aur isse bhaari nuksaan bhukath na pad tha hai…..isliyeh aap Honda activa o because Honda activa us my bed choice……allah hafiz

  43. Hoda activa is best choice……and 1 crore people’s choice this 100% true kyun Ki India Mein sabse zaida bikne wali gadi Honda activa hai…..u can take Honda activa 3g……allah hafiz

  44. Which one… Is better Honda..active or Suzuki access? Guys please… give me a Suggest… I am confused…

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