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Honda Activa and Suzuki Access 125 are probably the two most selling two-wheelers in the scooter category with automatic gear.

Undoubtedly, Honda is an undisputed king in the scooter’s market with waiting period for its top notch model Activa stretching as remote as 6-8 months delivery time. In fact, even the nearest competitor Suzuki Access 125 is far behind it terms of sales against Honda.

Honda Activa


Honda Activa

Suzuki Access 125

Engine Displacement

109 cc

125 cc

Maximum Power

8 bhp @ 7500 rpm

8.58 bhp @ 7000 rpm

Maximum Torque

0.9 kg-m @5500 rpm

1.0 kg-m @ 5500 rpm

Fuel Tank Capacity

5.3 litres
Metal Body

6 litres
Fibre body


Both the two-wheelers are powered by 4 stroke, single cylinder, air cooled OHC engine. However, a major difference between the two most popular scooters is in their displacement capacity – while Activa offers 109 cc, Access 125 boasts of a higher 124 cm cube.

Activa provides a maximum power of 8 bhp @ 7500 rpm, whereas Suzuki’s 125 engine provides 8.58 bhp @ 7000 rpm on the higher side. Moreover, Access 125 provides a slightly higher fuel tank capacity of 6 litres as compared to Activa’s 5.3 litres.

Suzuki Access 125


Auto enthusiasts believe that Honda is low on production to meet the increased demand for its scooters, which is driven by higher utility for both the sexes of the world. On the other hand, Suzuki is benefiting from its almost ready delivery position to benefit from the Honda’s slow delivery schedule.

One new feature that I’ve come across in Suzuki’s Access 125 scooter is a shutter [See Image] for its centralized ignition key switch, to protect it from misuse by children/miscreants or dust particles from getting inside the key hole.

106 Responses to Honda Activa vs. Suzuki Access 125 [Scooter Comparison]

  1. Regading suspension Access is better than activa . Those who wants to have better suspension in bad roads access is having good suspension when compared to activa. otherwise both are good

  2. i am using acees125, from the past 4 years and the main problem is brakes, Whenever you replace them again and again they slip. Another thing is parts availability is another hectic only in showroom only we get that. Cannot be handled at high speed another drawback because of fibre body. These are the worst situations i faced in my past 4 years with suzuki access.

  3. You better buy a horse and gift it to your sis…these bikes are waste…no need to think of mileage, pickup,price and model. As always girls expects ppl attention…its better to go for a Horse…lot of attention and savings..

  4. activa is much better compared to suzuki access 125 because u have a big problem of getting the parts avilibilty and honda parts u can access it very easily hahah everywhere and about the milage activa fairly gives u around 45 kmpl and suzuki access gives u the milage around 38-40kmpl

  5. leave about bikes. . if u go to buy bikes for sukuki show room…. the people’s there not responding properly to customers
    what type of management they have bullshet

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