Mobile internet has revolutionized the way of remaining connected in today’s busy world. While most mobile internet users remain connected through the old, yet workable 2G technology'; the latest 3G technology is still quite expensive on the user’s pocket – almost 2-3 times that of 2G cost.

Airtel has been receiving complaints about GPRS settings on certain devices. GPRS settings need to be installed by the users before linking to mobile internet.

In a bid to help customers with devices that have known issues in downloading automatic GPRS settings, Airtel would like to share manual settings for the devices mentioned below. These settings are also made available on Airtel India Facebook page for reference purpose.

  1. For BlackBerry handsets mentioned below, kindly follow these instructions –

    1. Go to main menu>options>advance options

    2. Enable apn settings>type in apn address>enable apn authentication

    3. Take Sim out; put the SIM back on> switch on phone.

BlackBerry handsets covered:

  • BlackBerry 8800
  • Bold 9780
  • Curve 8320
  • Curve 8520
  • Curve 9300
  • Pearl 8110
  • Pearl 8120
  • Storm 9500
  • Torch 9800
  1. For Apple iPhone devices mentioned below, follow these instructions –

    1. Go to settings>general>network>

    2. Switch on cellular data> switch on data roaming> switch on ‘enable 3G’

    3. Switch off phone and restart.

iPhone handsets covered:

  • iPhone 3GS
  • iPhone 3GS (iOS 5)
  • iPhone 4 (iOS 5)
  1. For HTC devices mentioned below, follow these instructions –

    1. Go to main menu>settings> wireless networks> mobile networks>select access point name

    2. press main menu key>type MO in name option>press ok

    3. Select apn option>type>press ok

    4. Leave proxy blank>select authentication as none>

    5. Press main menu key>select save option

    6. Take SIM out; put the SIM back on> switch on phone

HTC handsets covered:

  • htc desire
    htc vivid
    htc sensation
    htc desire
    htc amaze
    htc magic
  • htc chacha
  1. For Samsung devices mentioned below, follow these instructions

    1. Go to main menu>settings > Wireless & networks (or Wireless Controls or Cellular) > Mobile networks > access point names

    2. Press the Menu key and select New APN.

    3. Select Name, enter MO and tap OK.

    4. Select APN, enter and tap OK. leave username and password blank

    5. Set the APN type to default or internet.

    6. Press the Menu key and select Save

    7. Switch off phone and restart

Samsung handsets covered:

  • B5510 Galaxy Y Pro
  • i896 Galaxy S Captivate
  • i9250 Galaxy Nexus
  • i677 Focus Flash
  • i937 Focus S
  • and more


  1. I am using LAVA IRIX 1 MOBILE and activated 3G but not getting internet connection, Please send 3G setting to activation

    Jeevaramu – 934445044

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