Pune Boasts Of Best Coders In The Country


Pune, not very long ago was known for being the pensioners paradise. It was known as a cultural and educational hub, which to a certain extent it still is. However, in less than 2 decades, Pune has transformed into one of the fastest growing cities in India the world. Pune is now closer to being a metro rather than a town or even a city. It’s population has four-fold in less than a decade.

And one of the biggest reason for this has been the large influx of software development and related services companies over past 2 decades. And there is a reason for that, Pune boast of some of the best coders and programmers in the country.siliconvalley - Pune-001

According to survey by Techgig.com, Pune has beaten the likes of Bangalore and Hyderabad in terms of having the best software development talent in the country. Here are the Top 5 cities having the best coders:

  1. Pune
  2. Bangalore
  3. Mumbai
  4. Hyderabad/Secunderabad
  5. Delhi/NCR

Techgig has not offered too many details about the survey apart from listing the cities, so we are unable to comment on how they came up with these rankings.

Pune is in many ways an ideal hub for programmer community. Though, she still does not have an IIT to boast of, the number of engineering colleges in Pune are humongous. Software companies and multinationals recruit thousands of engineering graduates every year directly through campus interviews.

For students, Pune is also an ideal place to live. It is relatively cheaper to live and travel in Pune compared to Mumbai or Bangalore. Pune’s weather as well as its night life make up for some of the compelling reasons why youngsters settle in Pune. Another important reason for Pune’s rise is it’s close proximity to India’s financial hub, Mumbai.

Pune’s dominance of having large pool of coders and programmers can be seen from the fact that any technology conference conducted in Pune always sees a sell-out crowd compared to any other city in India. You can read about it more in detail here.

Mobile development is also another area where Pune is growing quite rapidly – Pune currently has highest number of mobile development and game development studios compared to any other Indian city.

Note: We tried finding more details on the survey, but could not get the methodology. But the findings seem to be in line with the general consensus. Would love to hear your thoughts on this.

  1. PHP course Pune says

    Well said, Indeed Pune has so many web development companies & after all its educational hub which obviously will produce coders, in addition there is very good infrastructure facilities. All in one place.

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