Microsoft To Open Windows “Experience Zones” in Malls & Superstores Across India


Microsoft is planning to launch Windows experience zones in large multi-brand retail superstores and malls across India according to Microsoft India’s General Manager (consumer channels group) Chakrapani Gollapali. He revealed this in an interview with The Mobile Indian

This announcement is quite interesting because it comes days after Google announcing similar plans to launch Android stores across India. However, unlike Google, Microsoft is not planning to create standalone stores, but will be partnering with large retail superstores (Croma, Reliance Digital) and malls.

windows experience stores 1

Customers visiting these experience zones will have hands-on experience  of various Microsoft  offerings like Windows Phone 8, tablets based on Windows OS along with other Microsoft hardware and software products.

While Google’s “Android Zone” stores will also be offering Android experiences, their thrust will be towards selling their Android phones and will have array of mobile brands on offer. On the other hand, main goal of Microsoft experience zones will be offering users the experience of using Microsoft products and services.

Microsoft seems to be targeting the existing shoppers that will be visiting malls and large retail shops, which will indirectly increase their sales and profitability. Microsoft has given no specific timelines as to when they will launch these stores.

India is not the first country where Microsoft is planning to do this – Earlier this month Microsoft had announced that they will be opening up similar Windows Stores in hundreds of Best Buy retail outlets across the US. Also, Similar Windows experience zones have already been established in countries like Malaysia and Singapore.

We will have to wait and see, which Store comes up first – Android Store or Windows Store?

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