Proposed Aakash 4 Specifications Released, Targets Above Average Speeds


The official Aakash 4 technical specifications have been released by Government of India, and by the looks of it, they plan the newest version of Aakash to be quite a powerful device unlike its predecessors, which were acutely under-powered.

Previously for Aakash 1 and Aakash 2, MHRD had released straightforward specifications giving details of all its components. However, they have taken a different route this time. The tender which will be released for Aakash 4 will list down the minimum benchmark speeds that the tablet needs to meet. The benchmark speeds have been arrived from Industry standard platforms like Antutu, Quadrant and others that are routinely used to gauge the speed of mobile devices.

The specification document (embedded below) is 12 pages long and quite detailed, so there is no ambiguity for the supplier. For your benefit we have crunched those specifications and bring you the simplistic view on what Govt. expects of Aakash 4.

Simplified Proposed Specifications for Aakash 4

Aakash IV Component Minimum Specifications Required
CPU Needs a minimum of 3537 Antutu Benchmark score. The nearest comparison to this would be a Nexus 7, which has a score of 3679 on Antutu Benchmark. Suffice to say, the Aakash IV tablet has to have quad-core CPU to generate those kind of benchmark ratings.
RAM :1 GB DDR3 SDRAM 1066 MT/S or better
Internal Storage 4 GB or more integrated flash
External Storage Support for MicroSD (upto 32 GB) *SD Card interface should be compatible with NFC based SD card
USB Ports 2 . One with OTG support and one standard USB 2.0 compliant
External Device Support Should Support following external devices

  1. USB Storage Device2. Keyboard
  2. Mouse
  3. USB Hub
  4. All popular 2G/3G/4G Phone / Data Connectivity Dongles in India
  5. USB to Ethernet adaptors
  6. USB Printers
Audio 3.5 mm jack
Display 7” LCD display. 5 point capacitive touch display is a must
Display Resolution 800×480 resolutions with 16 bit color depth or more.
Hardware Acceleration Hardware accelerator for playing true HD720p with at least 30fps. Antutu Benchmarks for 2D graphics should be 400 and for 3D graphics it should be 1400. These scores are still found on above average mobile devices only.
Connectivity Should support Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n and Bluetooth 2.1 (* No mention of 2G or 3G connectivity, so Aakash IV will be sans that)
Battery Battery Should support atleast

  1. 3 Hrs for online 720p video playback
  2. Minimum 5 Hrs on web browsing
  3. 6 Hrs on e-reader
  4. battery life of 600 cycles or 2 years
  5. 1 year warranty

With above requirements, the battery capacity needs to be minimum of 4000 mAH or more.

Camera Video/Photo Camera (front facing) with a resolution of 0.3 M Pixel (VGA) or higher [*No mention of rear camera]
Sensors support 3-Axis Accelerometer
Buttons Power, up and down volume button, hardware reset through pin-hole
Others Phone Needs Driver for Phone Functionality with external dongle
Operating System Should be Android 4.2.1 (Jelly Bean) or above.
Should be Dual bootable (Latest Ubuntu distro) through external SD card and should support all the standard drivers
Weight Should weigh less than 500 grams

If you see the hardware specifications above, they are definitely good and something that a student would require to carry out various educational chores.

However, as you might have guessed, the big question is at what cost? While the previous versions were ultra cheap in around USD 35, the kind of specifications that Aakash 4 demand, I think it should easily nudge closer to USD 100 rather than USD 50.

Government obviously wants this device to be under USD 50, but I doubt it will be possible even with some huge numbers (in millions?). MHRD has already hinted that it will be closer to Rs. 3000 or even above it!

Here are detailed specifications released by MHRD.

It would be interesting to see how and what cost Aakash 4 comes out!

What is your take?

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  1. Arun Prabhudesai says

    Yes Mediatek 6589 seems to be the only one which may match the pricing and scores…
    Remember higher screen resolution will lower CPU scores drastically because all the apps need to perform at that resolution… achieving 1280X800 at that CPU score would be next to impossible for a tablet that is expected to be priced around 3-4k…

    I think they have got the specifications right this time…

  2. Amit Kumar says

    Man you can only expect Aakash 10 be close to Nexus 7, Nexus 7 have quad core Tegra 3 which scores >12000 in Antutu and Aakash still have outdated 800*480 resolution even the low end smartphones have better resolution.

    1. Arun Prabhudesai says

      @amit I have spoken here only about CPU scores and not about overall score… Overall score may be dependent on many things. Because they have given antutu scores to define the kind of CPU they want, so I chose the closest one to that score… you can check out Nexus 7 cpu score and you will know what I am saying..

      Also, about it being 800X480 resolution… I would request you not to compare it with smartphones… The usage of Aakash tablet is going to be very different than you normal mobile phones… Also, it is directed at students…and it will be used for educational purposes… Having a lower resolution is not going to affect much. Hope you get my point…

    2. Amit Kumar says

      Oops read the whole document, 3500 score just for computation and >7000 score overall. These requirements are beast then, they will need Quad core processor then(MediaTek 6589?). Screen resolution should have been 1280*800.

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