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Employee Provident Fund Eligibility

Every Employee in India should have an Employee Provident Fund if He / She has a salary above Rs. 6500/-. If the Employer does not have it, employee has right to ask for EPF in his name. Generally, Employer has to pay the equivalent amount for EPF as much as the employee pays.

Who is Eligible for Employee Provident Fund ?

For New Entrants:

  • An employee is eligible for membership from the day he joins the company who has enrolled for EPF Scheme
  • If an Employer has equal to or more than 20 employees, it is mandatory for him or to join the Employee Provident Fund Scheme.
  • If the employee’s emoluments exceed Rs. 6,500/- per month, he has the option to join the Scheme(s)  with the consent of employer.
  • Declare previous employment details, if any, in  Form No. 11  to the employer.
  • On becoming a member of the Schemes file details in Form No. 2 ( family particulars/ nominations) through the employer.
  • Rate of contribution payable by a member shall be @ 12% of his emoluments.
  • A member can contribute statutorily over and above the prescribed rate.

For Existing Members:

  • Enrolment:
  • Any change in the family status, such as, –
    • marriage of the member.
    • additions / deletion in the family.
    • Legal adoption of the children.
    • Change of nominee, is to be filed in Form No. 2 through the employer.
  • In the event the member is holding a Scheme Certificate (under EPS, 95), he should surrender the same to the concerned EPFO office, through his employer.
  • A member is entitled to various benefits & facilities such as withdrawals, advances, pensions, death insurance etc.


  1. Hello Everybudy… I want to ask one thing plzz help me…. That after leaving the job for how many days PF is valid. Because I have leave my job on 29 feb 2011. Till date I have not applied for PF.

  2. my organisation has total 15 employees and we are interested to take an EPF registration no..Does their are any procedure to be registered with EPF.Pls.tell me with proper procedural evidences.Thanks a lot.

  3. Kali Prasad Vemparala

    very useful information.

  4. Sir, I am Yugandhar i am working small organisation as a accountant now we have planing to PF registration. I want to salary breackups exp: gross salary is Rs.7500 Baisc %, DA %, HRA%, CA & TR Allowences and other allowences. please send reply

  5. our CA firms employee below 10, we are eligible for PF scheme.

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  7. Hi silas sir, am working for a private company they have given pf account number also but during balance enquiry its telling invalid member id…m working in this company frm past 8 months they r deducting 780 rs per month oly but unable to check balance plzz help me..good day tc

  8. Digvijay singh

    i had joined a company who is enrolled under PF, my basic salary is Rs 16000 per month, the employer is deducting the PF @ 12% i.e Rs 1920 every month, but till date they have not submitted my nomination form i.e form 2, plz advice me

  9. We have 25 members strength. All the employees would be having Basic salary more than Rs. 6500/-. we have no PF Registration. Employees are not interested to joining PF scheme. and one more thing 10 employees in AP State and 15 employees in UP State. Now my question is Where i get registered and where i filied the returns please reply me Thanks Anand

  10. Prabhakar Kulkarni

    We have 19 members shortly one more addition would be there to our strength. All the 20 employees would be having Basic salary more than Rs. 6500/-. As per provisions of PF Scheme as soon as we have 20 members we have to take PF Registration No. None of the employees are interested in joining PF scheme. In such cases it is advised that we need to take declaration in Form No. 11. As per Form No. 11 it is just the declaration of earlier employment. It nowhere states that he is willing / not willing to join the PF. Can somebody guide as to whether we need to have PF deduction from all members or not. Thanks & Regards, Prabhakar Kulkarni

  11. My name is Gulab, i just want to know that is it possible to get PF either my comany does not deduct PF amount from my basis salary. but my name is mentioned in EPF office. so Can we get PF amount but i dont know PF number & don’t have salary slip.So give me Goods sugetion please please.

  12. Hi I want to know what is the minimum Basic + DA limit on which PF must be deducted by employer. I mean if an employee has Basic Salary of Rs 1800/- + DA Rs 450/- + Other allowances Rs 2600/- (Total salary Rs 4850/-) then PF will be deducted on Rs 2250/- right or wrong ? Is deducting PF on s 2250/- as per the law or we should deduct the PF on some other minimum level ? Tanav

  13. please suggest my salary is 12500/- how much amount is deducted

  14. sir am i pf eligibility r not

  15. my name is RK mu total salary is 12500/- per month . i am interested in pf account, and i have also pf account

  16. Dear All, I am an HR Executive in a Pvt.Company. My Boss wanted to know that once we have enrolled a person in PF, Can we discontinue him when the employee’s salary is enhanced above the stipulated Rs.6500/- limmit. If anyone have a legal note on this pls update me. Regards, Ajit

  17. Satyanarayana Jonnalagadda

    Sir, I want to know that what is the maximum salary to get the EPF deduction and what is the pf percentage in basic salary?

    • Dear Mr. Sathya, If your company has 20 or more employees, whereas 5 and more for Cinema Theaters, then you are eligible for EPF, if your basic salary exceeds 2500/- and above. 12% from total of Basic salary(sealing max. rs.6500/-) + DA

  18. I Was worked with previous Co but i Leave the job Immetiatly that why co. said i am not eligible for PF. So i want suggetion for thet. i can get PF or Not. Waiting For Rply

  19. brkarle December 31, 2011 at 3:21 pm sir, i am aged 57. i taken vrs from ifci ltd.(an all india financial instution. On opting vrs all my pf balance with int. paid by IFCI. thereafer in 2007 i joined in pvtl Hospital. and contributing towards pf. i wish to know whether i am eligible for contriuting to pf. and till completing of my age 60 and above

  20. sir, i am aged 57. i taken vrs from ifci ltd.(an all india financial instution. On opting vrs all my pf balance with int. paid by IFCI. thereafer in 2007 i joined in pvtl Hospital. and contributing towards pf. i wish to know whether i am eligible for contriuting to pf. and till completing of my age 60 and above Reply

  21. My Joining date with reputed co. are 11.02.11 as on date i am still working with this company. but now i want to leave this company so i want to know i am getting full provident fund or thru. pension. Please let me clear for this confusion.

    • hello sir , i am doing job in pvt ltd co since nov 2010 , what is pension scheme ? am i deserve for pension ? or when i derserve ?

  22. Informative…………………….1

  23. 1.Who is entered eligible limit minimum salary of EPF and duration period (How many years required eligible) 2. We have only one year contract staff (EPF) required or not. 3. out going staff epf covered or not

  24. Please let me know if a employee having salary between Rs. 7000 to Rs. 10000/- per month but is not interested to get his PF deducted. What can be done to help him/her. Please suggest

  25. my salary above 6500/- my employer open my epf account but employer contribution only rs. 780 this is write and worng.

    • please you learn spelling for right or wrong first,.. then come to ask this things brother….

      • Mr MKV if somebody doesn’t know the spelling what bothers you brother,reply if you know.just felt like saying don’t mistake me

        • In the first place, such a forum is nothing but nonsense. In the beginning of this page it is stated, “Every Employee in India should have an Employee Provident Fund if He / She has a salary above Rs. 6500/-. “. This means that an employee is eligible for PF only if he/she has a salary above Rs6500/-. Is this correct? Is an employee, whose salary is below Rs6500/-, not eligible for EPF? This forum should rather be converted into one in which the replies/opinions/advices are given only by experts and questions are asked by laymen like me.

      • Hi…before advising someone firstly u should follow the things properly and listen to the opposite person what they need the info..if u dont know anything please keep quiet..hope you understand very clearly.

      • no need of ur good sugession only need answer

      • It is possible for me to open a provident fund reason is my company they don’t have this system

    • it is right.

    • Hello satish…. if your salary is more than 6500 p.m … then your employer is restricted to only 12% on amount of limit 6500 pm… so it comes 780.. so deposited amount of your employer is absolutely correct… Subhasis C.A Final

      • Hello Mr. Subhasis, I am getting a basic salary of Rs. 11,100 every month. How much percentage my employer should contribute against my PF contribution of Rs. 1332 (i.e. 12% of Rs.11,100)

    • employer is bound upto only 12% of salary (minimum 6500/-), 6500*12% =780.

      • Hi monika, Please clear if the person works for 10 days,what will be deduction of PF on 6500. my question is its deduct same 780 or depends on working days.

    • its right…

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