Amazon India Is Now Offering Nexus 7 16GB (2012) At Rs. 11,999


If you are currently in the market to pick up a tablet, you are in for a pleasant surprise. Amazon India has listed the price on the Google Nexus 7 16GB (2012 version) to Rs. 11,999. There is no coupon code or deal that you will need to use. The listing price itself has been dropped to Rs. 11,999.

Google Nexus 7 Amazon Deal

As you may be aware, Google announced the latest version of Google Nexus 7 tablet couple of days back. This price reduction seems to be the direct result of that.

Till now, the Nexus 7 (2012) on Amazon was priced at Rs. 15,499. Infact, even on Google’s play store, it is currently prices is still Rs. 15,999.

Amazon is not the direct seller, but one of the merchants, “Gadgets Guru”, is offering it at a significantly reduced price. It seems that they need to clear their inventory, before the new Nexus 7 starts coming to Indian market.

Though 2012 version of Nexus 7 is a year old, it still boast some great specifications and at around 12k, it is probably the best value for money tablet currently available.

As far as the specifications go, the tablet has a fabulous 1.2 GHz Nvidia Tegra 3 quad core processor coupled with 1 GB of ram, which is enough to run nearly all high end apps and games without a hitch. The screen also boasts 1280 X 800 pixel resolution which is equivalent to what most high end tablets and smartphones carry.

The battery on Nexus 7 has a capacity of 4325 mAH, that provides a standby time of 300 hours and browsing time of over 10 hours. The tablet also comes with 1 year warranty incase of any defects.

The best part of picking up Nexus devices is that they offer you the most latest Android Operating system. This is a big advantage that Nexus devices have over other tablets.

So, if you are in market for tablet, it cannot get better than this. Go ahead pick one up for yourself, before the shelf’s are empty!

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  1. Malhar Barai says

    One of the biggest flaw is no back-facing camera. Could be a deal breaker.

  2. Akshay says

    It doesnt have GSM capability. That was the deal breaker for me, otherwise I was gonna buy it.
    Cant use 3G internet :(

    1. Anantpal says

      You can always make tether wifi connection from your phone for connectivity on the tablet.

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