Adds Mobiles, Electronic Gadgets To Its Catalogue


In less than a month Amazon’s Indian Marketplace launch, they have expanded their portfolio of offerings beyond just books and movies. now lists Mobile Phones, Mobile Accessories, Tablets, Tablet Accessories, Cameras, Camcorders, accessories, portable MP3 players and more. Electronics

As an introductory offer – Amazon is also offering decent discounts (between 10 to 20 percent) on various products.

We looked up the prices extensively on Amazon, and unlike book prices, where Amazon managed to be quite competitive, the price on these Electronic gadgets are not all that cheap.

For example – Apple iPhone 5 is available on Amazon for Rs. 43,090/- whereas, prices for same on sites like Snapdeal and Tradus are less than Rs. 42,000/-. We did not find a single electronic item which was cheapest on Amazon, except off course their homegrown Kindle eBook readers and tablets.

Discounts on

I am touch disappointed looking at the prices because, with Amazon’s name, they should have got atleast few third party sellers to offer much better rates than what is currently available. Even with the introductory discounts that Amazong is offering currently, the electronic gadgets are priced at on par at best but not lower.

What was heartening to see though was Book prices on Amazon have got even more competitive. For example, “Inferno” Hardcover by Dan Brown which was previously priced at Rs. 479 has been marked down further to Rs. 434.


The prices that Amazon is currently quoting on Electronics gadgets should not worry other Indian ecommerce sites, at least for now. But as far a book sales go, I am sure many book lovers will move to Amazon for purchases, atleast till the time they are offering Introductory free shipping.

Do carry out a few comparisons on product pricing on and let us know what you think!

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