Amazon India Adds Computers & Accessories To Its Catalogue!


Amazon India’s catalogue is growing. They have now added another popular category for Indian online buyers – Computers & Accessories.

Amazon Computer Accessories store

There is no doubt that Amazon India is gaining huge traction in India, adding to woes of other competing e-commerce sites like Flipkart and Snapdeal.

It’s just been over 2 months that officially launched in India. When they launched, they only had books and movies on their catalogue. Within a couple of weeks into launch, they added most popular category of mobiles and accessories. Immediately after that they expanded their catalogue of offerings to Cameras & Photography and Portable media players.

Last month they added Kindle devices on their platform along with Kindle e-books, and now computers & accessories also make their way into their catalogue.

As far as amazon prices go, they are not only competitive, but also in most cases quite cheap as compared to their competitors.

Have a look at Alexa ranking that Amazon has gained in last 2 months alone. They are now ranked 84th most popular site in India as per Alexa.

alexa amazon rank

Amazon’s affiliate commissions are among the best, so thousands of their affiliate partners also promote Amazon products rather than other Indian sites. Considering this, Flipkart raised their affiliate commissions which had been quite low and unchanged for a very long time.

We checked out the prices on for products listed under computers and accessories, and they are probably the lowest among some of the sites we saw. Out of 5 products we checked, atleast 4 had prices lowest than anyone else.

It goes without saying that Amazon has huge financial muscle, and their strategy of keeping prices low on their products is really working well given that Indian consumers are very price conscious.

With launch of computers & accessories category, Amazon now features full range of Mobile & Electronic products, which accounts for majority of online sales in India (apart from ticketing). I am sure other e-commerce sites must be worried sick with the way Amazon is growing.

And there is more to come – We may soon see Fashion clothing & apparels as yet another category from them.

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