India IT Hardware Sales: Tablets Grow 424%, PCs Grow 5%, Netbooks Dying!


MAIT or the Manufacturers Association for Information Technology published their annual study on IT Hardware and the the findings clearly state that PC sales have reached their saturation levels and their growth have slowed down drastically, especially the desktop PCs.

Here are some of the key highlights of the MAIT study:

PC Sales (2012-2013)

PC sales reached 113.1 lakh units in 2012-13, a growth of only 5 percent compared to previous year. Among all the PCs sold, Desktop PC’s growth registered a growth rate of only 1 percent with total 67.7 lakh units sold.

Desktop Computers growth was driven by Household segment which grew 14 percent, while the business segment seems to be be moving away from them. They registered a negative growth of 13 percent.

The 4 Metro cities accounted for 28 percent of total Desktop purchased, while the Class B cities accounting for 12 percent. Smaller cities were the main purchasers of Desktop PCs with 60 percent contribution to overall sales.

Total Units Sold

Notebook sales fared much better with 10 percent year on year growth. Total notebooks sold in 2012-13 stood at 44.1 lakh units. However, notebook sales growth rate fell by more than half compared to last year when it grew 22 percent.

Household segment that accounted for about 61 percent of the total Notebook sales and registered a growth of 14 percent during 2012-13 over the previous year.

While notebook sales were relatively good, Netbooks are completely going out of favour. Among all the IT hardware, they showed the biggest fall in sales in 2012-13 registering a negative growth of 68 percent. Netbooks are surely a dying breed!

Growth of IT Hardware

Tablet & Smartphone Sales

It is clear that Tablets are one of the main reasons why PC sales are slowing down. Tablet PCs registered a whooping 424 percent growth in 2012-13. The sales for 2012-13 stood at 1.9 million units as against 0.36 million units in 2011-12.

Even Smartphone sales showed impressive growth of 60 percent. In 2012-13, 1.52 crore smartphones were sold as compared to 95.36 lakh in the previous year.

Other Findings

Among other IT hardware peripherals, Laser Printer is now becoming the de-facto printer standard registering a growth of 14 percent. Inkjet as well as Dot matrix printers both registered negative growth of 9% and 30% respectively.

According to MAIT, year 2013-14 may pan out better than this year. The industry expects overall PC sales for 2013-14 will reach around 12.11 million units, registering a modest growth of 8%.

  1. Arun, I think your trends are very similar to what is happening in the US. Thanks for your most interesting post.

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